The rating of tour operators of Russia

Journey is a great way to see the world and open something new in itself. Magical waterfalls, hot deserts, the restless ocean and the jungle – the subject of dreams of each person. Each of us wants to visit all the most remote corners of the planet, to see everything with your own eyes. The growing interest in travel could not fail to affect the development of the tourism industry. Around the world began to develop tourist facilities, our country is not left behind. But in the pursuit of value for money and quality people often make the mistake of trusting a particular company. We offer to your attention the rating of tour operators of Russia, the most appreciated by our fellow citizens.

1. Anex Tour

Anex TourAnex Tour — heads the rating of Russian tour operators

A leader in their field is Anex Tour, to which the Russians expressed the greatest interest. The history of the company goes back to 1998, since then and to this day, it provides the opportunity to enjoy all the features of the tourism industry. And whatever you do, whichever direction choose, you will always be the most optimal travel plan. Best resorts in the world at the best prices – that’s the guiding principle for Anex Tour.

2. Tez Tour

Tez Tour

Tour operator Tez Tour for nearly 20 years working in the international market, competing with the most famous travel agencies around the world. It will help you to create the honeymoon of your dreams, which, fortunately, is not «hit» on the pocket. Tez Tour – your guide to the mysterious world of Egypt, Thailand and other exotic countries.

3. Coral Travel

Coral Travel

Tour operator Coral Travel is a real godsend for those who like to think independently.

4. Brisco


About company Brisco was first reported about 10 years ago, but during this short period of time she has managed to catch the fancy of the Russians. Using the services of this tour operator, you already begin to relax at home, because you do not need to worry about the hotel, Luggage, transportation, scheduling tours, all the work is already done for you.

5. BTA Group

BTA Group

You are attracted to Eastern countries? You are fond of extreme tourism? Then you should choose a tour operator BTA Group . This tour operator is famous all over the country in various promotions and discounts.

6. Pegas Touristik

Pegas Touristik

This tour is suitable for those who value their time and want to get maximum enjoyment from your stay. Professional staff will help you choose a vacation on one of the 22 best resorts in the world at affordable prices. And will do everything to make this trip you’ll long remember.

7. Evroport


International company, favoured by a large portion of the Russians. The advantage of this tour operator is its mobility: services can be paid in any currency, and the tour can be ordered online, for this you need only to send the necessary documents.

8. GoldTravel


The company GoldTravel – choice of those whose principle of price and quality. This tour operator will help you to visit the most remote and inaccessible corners of the planet at affordable prices.

9. Natalie Tours

Natalie Tours

Company Natalie Tours operates on the market for over 12 years, but she is still in the forefront. Policy of tour operator aimed at providing customers with a comfortable and relatively inexpensive hotel.

10. Biblio Globus

Biblio Globus

The last top ten, but not the worst tour operator Biblio Globus. The company is ready to cooperate with customers, making the most optimal routes. Online it is possible to calculate the cost of travel, and to learn about discounts and promotions.

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