The rating of thermal underwear

Many people somehow believe that underwear is mainly designed for fishermen, soldiers, hunters, or ever hundreds of elderly people, but today it is used by ordinary people. To little to facilitate the selection of people who have a country house, working on the street, and moms who spend a lot of time with the children on the street, the rating of thermal underwear. Here you can see the underwear, which, in the first place is to pay attention to.

1st place — Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen

The Norwegian company produces clothing for athletes. She founded more than 130 years ago. This brand is considered to be anti-allergic and antibacterial. The manufacturer took care of setting up special models that are suitable for wearing in strong frost.

2nd place — Red Union Suit

Suit Chervoniy Union

Underwear first appeared in 1868. Originally underwear was designed for women, produced in the form of cotton flannel Romper. This Romper women wore tight corset is underwear, and it was produced only in red color. Men so liked its convenience that they have become afford to buy such garments. In the mid-20th century to replace the Romper it’s separate underwear.

Filmmakers were excited from the back of the suit, so they created not one funny scene with the underwear of this company. This costume can be seen in the TV series «family Guy», «rugrats!» and even in the 1999 film release of «wild Wild West».

Today, externally, the suit hasn’t changed much, but it took a century and a half. The only change is that the back is fixed with one button, there used to be 7. There is one important difference – the use of modern materials of different colors, not just red.

3rd place – Fuchshuber

Lisa Huber

Termobelyo German production is excellent quality and good durability. In such clothes you will be protected from cold and fire. Great for firefighters and rescue workers. The main advantage of is that linen does not melt and does not illuminate even when the temperature reaches 350 degrees.

4th place – Ultramax


The Russians prefer this brand of underwear. The company has been producing women’s, men’s and children’s clothing. The range is anti-allergic models, which are sewn only from natural materials.

5th place — J-ware


Production Japanese production was first tested by astronaut Koichi Wakata. After two flights of cosmonaut colleagues began to suspect him of impropriety because he did not change linen during the week. However, these suspicions about, as for the production of thermal underwear company J-ware use antibacterial and deodorizing materials quickly absorb moisture. In addition, the company’s products characteristic of fire-resistant and antistatic properties.

6th place – WinterSilks


Sew this linen is used exclusively of natural silk, so it is almost not noticeable on the body. In addition, everyone has long known that underwear made from natural materials does not cause allergic reactions. The warming effect of the company’s products WinterSilks different.

7th place – Duofold


One of the most prestigious brands of thermal underwear. About it can say a lot, for example, appeared more than 100 years ago, during this time, collaborated with the rcmp, America, and famous snowboarders.

The main objective of the company is to provide consumers with this lingerie which will be comfortable in all weather conditions, no matter how strict they may seem. With this task they successfully manage, because use the most modern technology. Initially, the company produced linen for the special forces, today their products are available to anyone.

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