The rating of the tyre manufacturers

High quality rubber car — this is primarily a safety issue, since a good grip is a major factor. As well as riding on rough roads and the car handling will be much easier. It is difficult to choose any one brand as selection criteria and benefits motorists very much. Therefore, our rating of the tyre manufacturers will be acquainted with the most successful models of famous world brands.

1 Continental


The firm-winner of the rating tire manufacturers, whose experience will soon be over one hundred and fifty years. It is on the 1st place in the world and Europe in terms of production of tires. Continental breakthrough took place in the manufacture of synthetic rubber in 1936.

Today, the company produces many kinds of tyres, among which stands out ContiPremium Contact 5 – year-old rubber middle segment for passenger cars and winner of several independent rankings in terms of handling.

Continental is the first patented environmentally friendly tires that save fuel. Of the latest developments — research in the field of puncture-free tires on wheels with standard rim.

2 Michelin


And that monster tire industry market will soon be 130 years old. They became popular after the statement of the French racing driver that he uses this rubber. And they began to buy up high-speed tires that bring victory.

Michelin is a manufacturer of the most expensive tires in the world. So, for car the Bugatti Veyron the cost is $ 9065 for one wheel, but they will be able to sustain a speed of over 400 km / h. A career dump truck Caterpillar 797 is one tire is worth $ 60,000.

The innovation of the company is to issue green rubber medium and premium high resistance to abrasion and rolling, which in turn, saves fuel.

Of the most famous models of Michelin – Primacy 3, the best summer tire 2015, behaves flawlessly on dry and wet roads and when cornering.

But while the owners have different attitudes to the place of manufacture of tyres, as plants in Russia and France still differ in quality.

3 Goodyear


The Corporation, which was founded by the inventor of vulcanized rubber in 1898. This American brand made a bet on the availability of prices and the quality of the product. He became the chief supplier of rubber for vehicles of Henry Ford, this brand is today known around the world.

To date Goodyear first developed the technology of removing the excess liquid in a non-studded tyres, and tyres with low noise.

Known — replaced with a RunOnFlat tyre, which continues to go even after a puncture. And the Hydragrip tire behaves on wet roads, as well as on dry.

Well 368 Grand Prix in the history of Formula 1 speak for themselves.

4 Pirelli


This Italian company takes the 4th place in the world for the production of tires. By 2018, Pirelli is the official supplier of sports cars for Formula 1.

Their main buyer of owners of cars of a premium class. The brand pays great attention to tire traction with the surface, which gives the opportunity to develop more speed.

5 Kumho


The Korean brand is not as big experience of production (1960), but nevertheless it is surely among the top 10 ranking of tire manufacturers. Today, Kumho is the official supplier of the Korean Formula 3 and produces self-sealing micro-bus for the domestic market.

Model Solus KH17 appreciated for good adaptive properties — it is able to adapt to road surface and weather conditions.

6 Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres

The largest manufacturer in Northern Europe. Often takes the first places in the ranking of winter tyres, so in demand in our country, with its sub-zero temperatures.

Bus NakkaGreen ideal for Russia (the so-called Northern summer, 10-25 degrees), with its excellent grip properties. And in 2014 the range of products present winter tire with retractable spikes.

7 Bridgestone


For many years, the Japanese company is the top-10 of leaders among manufacturers of tires. Buyers note minor wear of the tires due to very stiff sidewalls.

Of the most successful winter — Blizzak DM-V1. A popular summer tires Turanza t001 grooved-resonators provides a minimum noise level, but with good abrasion resistance.

8 Dunlop


The brand with 125 years of history, took the lead thanks to a tubeless tyre. Although Dunlop production facilities scattered across the globe, still the bulk of products manufactured in the UK, the Home that makes these tyres are attractive to motorists.

On brands such as BMW, Audi, Nissan, Opel, Ford, Renault, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Peugeot you can find these tires.

Very popular summer Sport BluResponse tires with excellent handling characteristics.

9 Yokohama


The company since 1917, produces a variety of tires, ranging from Bicycle to gear for aircraft. In addition it is a supplier of tires for racing cars.

Manufacturers like Lexus, Toyota, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Mazda, Aston Martin, Subaru used these tires in their products, so the tire Yokohama is a symbol of prestige and luxury.

Very popular among car enthusiasts inexpensive model C. drive 2 AC02 for good stability even at maneuvering at high speeds.

10 Hankook


South Korean tire manufacturer with a huge product range, which has 4 factories around the world.

Model summer tyres Ventus V12 evo K110 is one of the most popular (85 standard sizes, with diameter 15 to 21 mm).

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