The rating of the TV

TV is still a favorite pastime for many people. Latest news, catchy, live talk shows, and many other interesting programs draw humanity to the screen. The demand for televisions is quite high, largely contributed to the emergence of LED technology to improve the picture.

the rating of the TV

To make a rating of the best TVs of the year, it was necessary to compare the number of parameters, such as:

  • Brightness
  • Functionality – it allows you to connect a USB flash drive, headphones, etc.
  • Angle – the ability to watch your favorite programs from any corner of the room
  • Pixel – broken pixels can add you unpleasant chores. Be sure to check this option when you purchase.
  • Screen resolution – the higher it is, the better the picture.
  • Response time – the lower the number the better.



This TV has embodied all the essential items that only should be in a modern machine. It supports Smart Hub, which will allow you to take advantage of a huge collection of apps.

Whether you’re watching new blockbuster movies or view a favorite TV series, extra large, 48-inch monitor will bring you incomparable pleasure of viewing.

And the ability to flip through channels, to increase or decrease the volume, browse the pages of sites by using the movement of the fingers would be a nice addition.

The Smart View will allow you not only to watch interesting programs from other devices, but will also give the opportunity to control your TV from your tablet – you need to configure a home network.

Football fans like have feature Football Mode that brings amazing realism of what is happening on the screen.

Quickly switch from one task to another will allow Quad-core processor of the TV.



The rating of TV has continued this model with a diagonal of 40 inches. The remote receiver is equipped with a touch panel, also provides the function of voice control. As in the previous models in our ranking of TVs, there is provided a Motion Control feature, which allows you to give commands with your fingers.

Good performance of a television receiver provides a Quad-core processor – it not only monitors the operation of all systems, and is responsible for performance.

Technology Full HD 3D will provide you with realistic images.



Stylish and elegant appearance of this TV set provided with a monitor for seven generations, will not leave indifferent fans of beautiful pictures. This TV was created to become a good addition to the interior of your home. Thin metal bezel that frames the monitor will not distract your attention from events occurring on the screen that will provide a greater number of positive emotions from viewing.

The segmented dimming technology will allow you to obtain a rich image – you will notice how rich became black and pure white. Due to this feature the events on the screen will be more dramatic and emotional. Affects the picture quality and Clear Motion Rate – it will reduce motion blur.

From sleep mode receiver of television signals is displayed no more than two seconds, and Voice Interaction recognize complex combinations to control your TV is easier than ever.

Technology Samsung Smart View 2 will make possible the exchange of information between the receiver and other devices connected to your home network.



TV with curved screen is on the second line rating of the best television receivers. The significant size of the monitor (fifty five inches), allows not to miss every detail, and to consider what you will be able to the farthest corner of the room.

Micro Dimming ensures optimum image, if the events on the screen with lightning speed, to cope with the blur Clear Motion Rate.

New technologies allow update of a TV – add new functions, change parameters it is only necessary to insert a special card. The same quick start – 2 seconds.

The TV can easily cope with the task of education to screen multiple workspaces.

A better processor, ability to recognize sentences that start applications, and search by key words – make TV simple and intuitive.

For football fans it creates effect of presence at a football match.

The disadvantages are rather big price tag.



The undisputed leader of the rating of the TVs is this device. He will amaze everyone with the picture quality. Now the video you will look complete and realistic. Any horror will penetrate you to the bone – so the image becomes natural and «alive».

Modern technology allows you to give voice commands – for example, if you want to watch a specific movie, just say: «find the film «the name»». To switch to another channel, just tell him you want to get to the site – name it address. To operate this model of TV is just the movement of fingers and the sound is adjusted, the channel is switched, the program is loaded.

With getriebetechnik processor increases the performance of the TV – faster switching channels, brosaetsa the Internet, turn on multi-tasking. Download any content is faster, and the pleasure of watching your favorite programs will be higher!

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