The rating of the skyscrapers of America

The first tallest building was constructed in the United States in 1885. The title of the skyscraper received a building in which there were only 10 floors. For a long time the house had this proud name. Then the tall buildings began to appear in China, UAE and around the world. However, the country is full of tall buildings. Offer to take part in an interesting excursion, after reviewing the rating of the skyscrapers of America.

1. Willis Tower

Willis Tower

From the side of the building is reminiscent of a few rectangles together. Direct form structures are even more lengthen it. The skyscraper looks beautiful in the evening, radiating light from thousands of Windows. It was built in 1973 and decorates the streets of Chicago. Is it a hundred floors, which reach a length of 442, plus there are spikes, adds more than 80 m.

2. Trump Tower Chicago

Trump Tower In Chicago

Known since the tragic events of 11 November, the skyscraper was built in 2009. It attracts with its interesting view. It consists of several parts. The upper ends of a long spire. Today the building consists of 92 storeys.

3. Empire State Building

Empire State Bldng

Worthy is third in the ranking of the skyscrapers of America. Was built in 1931 and reaches a height of 381 m. the house Includes 102 floors, the top is still a high spire. It planned to use for catching airships. The idea never became a reality, because later he decided that it’s pretty risky.

4. Bank of America Tower

Bashta Bank of America

High-rise building is decorated with not just new York, but also brings benefits for the city. The architects have placed at different levels of the spires. One of them plays an important role, namely to produce electricity for the population of America.

5. Aon Center

AON Center

The skyscraper is interesting for its direct form. It was built in Chicago in 1973. Its altitude is 346 m, and it consists of 83 floors. For those who wish to see the city in all its glory, it is enough to climb to the top of a skyscraper.

6. John Hancock Center

John Hancock Center

In the ranking of the skyscrapers of America building is not only as the tallest building. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that one of the few buildings that offers residential on the upper floors. The building, erected in 1969, is located in Chicago. In height he comes to 344 m and has 100 floors.

7. Chrysler Building

Chrysler Bldng

The building is remarkable in that its construction is made of brick. The building was erected in 1930 in new York. In it reaches a height of 319 meters and comprises of 77 floors.

8. New York Times Building

New York Times

The architects tried their best, creating an interesting project. Make it in new York in 2007. Located in the stylish building of 52 floors.

9. Bank of America Plaza

Bank of America Plaza

The building is located in Atlanta and towers over the other buildings. He stands out other gray structures, and color. Its altitude is 312 m. Despite this high figure, the skyscraper contains 50 floors.

10. U. S. Bank Tower

The us Bank tower

The skyscraper, located in Los Angeles stands out for its functionality. On the roof there is a helipad. It was built in 1989, it has 73 floors. The height of the building reaches up to 310 m.

Skyscrapers are not only the city’s tallest buildings, but differ in design. Many travelers go to America to include them in mandatory to visit dostoprimechatelnosti.

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