The rating of the shampoos for hair

Healthy hair is one of the main indicators of human beauty. Many people in my life encounter such a problem as an improperly chosen shampoo. To find it you may have to try more than a dozen funds. But the most important thing is to pay attention to is the type of hair and what is the problem intended to solve a particular product. To avoid long experiments will help our ranking of hair dye, which will tell you which brand enjoys on the Internet is the most popular and causes the least amount of negative reviews.

Organic shampoos

They all have international certificates confirm the quality of their product. This semi-natural formulations that do not contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and other harmful compounds. But on the supermarket shelves to find them not so easy — should be treated in specialized stores or ordered goods through the Internet.

Natura Siberica

One of the most popular of shampoos in terms of sales. It does not contain sulfates, and foams at the expense of amino acids and lauryl glycoside. Includes many useful elements adapted to solve a particular problem. The consistency of the tool is thinner than the shampoos from the supermarket, but this stuff is easy to get used to.

Natura Siberika

Avalon Organic

As expected organic shampoos, foam the first time. Eliminates dandruff. Dries oily hair and after using them less often to wash.


Pharmacy series

People with sensitive scalp and are prone to seborrheic dermatitis regular shampoo from the supermarket, but the pharmacy you will be able to choose a suitable.

Bioderma node

A wonderful tool using which you will never have allergies and skin irritation even after prolonged use. Hair is perfectly cleansed and the only downside of this shampoo can be considered.

Vusal bioderma


Fights dandruff caused by fungal infection. In the treatment should strictly observe the instructions. Can be used as a preventive measure.



Available in several versions for different skin types. With its help it is easy to cure seborrhea or dandruff.



The main ingredient is selenium disulfide, which helps to defeat dandruff and normalize the production of sebum and cleans the scalp. Shampoo — a wonderful antiseptic.



Tar shampoo for dandruff, which you can use to get a good result. The only caveat — the specific smell that lasts up to 12 hours.


Funds from the professional series

In the first place have a high concentration of active ingredients. Especially good care for colored hair. A good solution is to use a professional series for the protection of hair from ultraviolet radiation (when traveling at sea or in a hot country).

L’oreal Professionel Pure Resource

Very good mild cleansing shampoo, after which don’t even need a balm. Hair easy to comb, fluffy look, but not electrified. With it you can increase volume at the roots. Owing to the light components can be used for a long time.


Londa Professionel

A lot of positive feedback in all areas — from hair restoration to power and capacity. Shampoos are very concentrated — in order to wash your hair, you need quite a small amount. Capsules with natural extracts in the composition help to keep the volume a few days without any additional funds.


Wella Professionel

When using this shampoo action will be aimed at addressing the causes, not consequences. So, What shampoo treats scalp does not dry strands. Suitable for frequent use.


Category of mass-market

Their effectiveness is much lower than in the pharmacy, or professional options. All the shampoos produce a rich foam, since their composition contains a chemical SodiumLaurylSulfate, which can disrupt the natural PH of the scalp and the sebaceous glands. For oily skin, it is contraindicated, as the hair will be contaminated even more. But, nevertheless, if you periodically change one thing to another and to deliberately choose a shampoo your hair type, it is possible to achieve some result.


The advertising is doing its job and people are buying shampoo, looking at the packaging and enticing promises of the manufacturers make the hair shiny and well groomed. And in fact it is an ordinary shampoo that you can wash your hair. Although Nivea dandruff can even cure the scalp with the help of contained in the composition of climbazole.



The standard flavor and texture. Shampoo foam, as a means for the tub, but it washes well head.


Clean line

Cheap, but quite effective if it is periodically changed, so as sodium lauryl sulfate dries the scalp. However, it contains natural herbal ingredients that make this shampoo a worthy rival to more expensive counterparts on the shelf in the supermarket.

Chista user-linija

Studying the ranking of hair dye, the main thing to remember is that the effectiveness of the product is determined not by brand and composition.

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