The rating of the sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk

Pyatigorsk — pearl of the region of Caucasian Mineral waters. Underground springs, the mild climate and the mountains, it is easy to carry summer heat, are factors that attract many tourists. To see the largest resorts in our ranking of the best health resorts of Pyatigorsk.

Pyatigorskiy Narzan 4*

The rating of the sanatoriums of PyatigorskSanatorium Pyatigorskiy Narzan

Modern and comfortable resort on the slopes of mount Mashuk. It has modern medical-diagnostic center, health path, beautifully landscaped grounds, mountain air, filled with wild scents and beautiful rooms.

Radon in the hospital are used as the latest developments and the experience gained by years of research. In the sanatorium has its own source, which is very convenient in cold winter.

Close to cable car, walking through which you can combine with cultural excursions to local attractions.

Gallery Palace 4*

The Galereya PalaceThe Galereya Palace

Another resort on the slopes of mount Mashuk, only the youngest of all of the above. Like a medieval castle resort opened its doors in 2007 for adults and children from 5 years.

Another feature the «Gallery Palace» is a large and well-kept Park on site.

The resort is small capacity, but still more comfortable to be here. Indoor pool, dance room, steam bath — there’s something to surprise its guests. On radon treatments carry vacationers in the sanatorium «Source».


Health SourceHealth Source

The sanatorium is fully justifies its name, as it is the leader in the number of mineral springs. Here all year round you will find complete program of treatment among all health resorts of Pyatigorsk, to correct which will help more than 60 doctors of different profiles.

Near the Well are the most famous cultural attraction — the Failure of the grotto of Lermontov, Academic and Lermontov gallery.

Central military

Central military sanatoriumCentral military sanatorium

The most famous sanatorium of Pyatigorsk in the times Union recently have not lost anything purchased and became even better.

From 1922 to the present time on the territory of 17 hectares has released over 60 buildings. Of the 75 top 2/3 of the medical staff have the highest qualifications — is the largest and the best health resort in the Caucasus. The pump rooms are within walking distance (100 meters from the resort).

In the dining room offered a 15 diet programs, and to diversify leisure time in the billiard room, the sauna, on the tennis court or the gym.

Hot key

Sanatorium Hot keySanatorium Hot key

The eponymous source for the rock is Hot (mount Mashuk) gave the name of this resort. His motto is, «a comprehensive survey on contemporary diagnostic equipment and a quick recovery.»

This is the only in the Caucasus hospital, Ministry of health of Russia, which takes children with musculoskeletal disorders. Medicinal mud and radon from the lake is used not only for children but also for adults. Kids during procedures can be left in the nursery under the supervision of a teacher.

Zori Stavropolya

Sanatorium Zori StavropolyaSanatorium Zori Stavropolya

Multidisciplinary sanatorium close to the Park «Flower garden», the main focus is family rest and treatment. The health center operates year-round, daily taking up to 500 guests. All the buildings are connected by warm transitions, which is very convenient in the cold season.

In a large pool, 2 mineraloprovod (radon and uglekislogo), wide sports and fitness facilities and 2 laboratories — clinical and biochemical.

Imeni Kirova 3*

The sanatorium named after KirovThe sanatorium named after Kirov

This is a real rehabilitation centre with gynaecological, urological and musculoskeletal profile. It is located at an altitude of 630 meters and from the Windows of the resort offers magnificent views of the Caucasus mountains Elbrus.

On domestic and foreign equipment guests of the sanatorium can pass a rapid diagnosis followed by treatment. Mineral water holidaymakers taking in the resort without leaving its boundaries.


Sanatorium TarkhanySanatorium Tarkhany

Can accommodate up to 250 guests, but for a year and in a welcoming environment. In the same house all the infrastructure is concentrated — 25-metre pool, a concert hall, a therapeutic physical training room and gym.

Food items in the buffet and always held the days of national cuisines.


Sanatorium FleeceSanatorium Fleece

Sanatorium turned 50 years old. In the balneological Department, has its own mud baths and radon take a special bus. Pump room with 3 types of healing water is located 200 metres from Runo.

You can visit a variety of tours without harm to the treatment, as schedules and specially adapted tours.

Named After Lermontov

Sanatoriy imeni LermontovaSanatoriy imeni Lermontova

This is the most pompous of all the stars out of the sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk, since its the Deluxe rooms are located in the old mansions. So, «Lermontovsky» can be considered as the oldest boarding house all Pyatigorsk.

Treatment are inpatient and outpatient. Hotel services and facilities include 4 pump room.

The rating of the sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk, rich in sources of mineral waters, prove the thousands of satisfied reviews that the rest and treatment here will be memorable and fruitful.

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