The rating of the petrol station on the quality of gasoline

Every car owner wants to use the best gasoline that meets the specifications of the machine. And according to statistics, from 20 to 30 percent of the fuel did not conform to the norms. The rating of the petrol station on the quality of gasoline provides an additional opportunity to choose from a variety of gas stations exactly where you sell better fuel and will not harm the engine.


In the ranking of the stations according to the quality of gasoline the first place the majority of motorists in 46 regions of Russia gave preference to this company. More than 2.5 thousand gas stations on the territory of our country covering almost all its cities. The main advantage of «Rosneft» to its huge resource base and level of sales. High quality of gasoline is controlled by various parameters, random and with impurities you will not find.


Gasoline is one of the best —it meets standards Euro 4 and 5 and can be used in almost any domestic and foreign cars. Refills many times received a commemorative award «Environmental badge», which is issued only in case if the gasoline meets the expert Committee and their requirements for 31 points. This fuel is truly environmentally friendly and contains no harmful impurities.


Phaeton And The Ego

Unique in its kind company which provides for the implementation of imported diesel and gasoline. This dealer of the German company StatOil, which sells its products in 32 countries. Products are 100% compliant with European standards — it has a low content of sulfur and tar, which in turn reduces the cost of car maintenance and emissions into the environment. Mark NRG-requisite for any fuel system CommonRail vehicles. Only she is able to provide the warranty service life and increase engine power by an additional 15 %.



Offer diesel G-Drive with 98 octane, which is used in sports and is able to increase the engine power. Two plants — in Moscow and Yaroslavl guarantee top quality products, no different from European standards. Innovation in the form of friction modifier will reduce the acceleration to two seconds. Regularly using this fuel, you can reduce the number of tumors on the intake valves 10 times. But there were cases of irregularities in the fuel composition 92 stamps.



Relatively recently appeared on the market of petroleum products and has already gained many positive reviews from customers gasoline Premium Sport 95. It is able to provide the maximum completeness of combustion, saving all the resources of the engine and increases its power. The octane number was always normal and the amount of sulfur does not exceed any tolerable figures, which in turn does not harm the environment and does not destroy the metal parts of the engine.


Any gas station are passports, which describe in detail the quality indicators of fuel available. They should be updated at least once in 10 days. Pay attention to it, learn the ranking of the stations according to the quality of petrol — any additional information will help you not to shorten the life of the machine and its components.

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