The rating of the most unusual wedding traditions

Wedding is a significant event, which is carefully prepared. The couple dress up in beautiful clothes, prepare food for guests and then go on a journey. We expect the wedding ceremony. But in other countries there are some differences from the usual script. We offer you to learn about them in the ranking of the most unusual wedding traditions.

10. Who is the greatest?

It will be about old Russian tradition. The newlyweds, parents are presented with a loaf who will bite him more a piece, and to be the head of the family. Then break off a piece, dip in salt, and give to each other, showing thus that they will not offend a soul mate.

9. The mute bride

In Chechnya’s future wife is not a decoration of the wedding ceremony. Above it, on the contrary scoff, letting go at her sarcastic jokes. If the bride will allow you to utter a single word, it would mean that she is short-tempered and stupid. A girl can not marry.

8. Fight as a means of anger

In Rwanda, the young wife allowed to beat her husband. To hit, push, bite and scratch his wife to the night and the day should have a good rest. To beat the husband must be within 2 weeks. It is believed that a woman during this time to get rid of the anger, hence the garbage in the family.

7. Love by appointment

In Nepal it is not customary to choose a husband or bride. It’s taken care of by their moms. Moreover, the stage of negotiations begins from the moment babies are in tummies. If children are born gay, then the deal is off.

6. Dressing woman

This unusual rite is observed in Kenya. It is believed that if the bride takes place during the month in women’s clothes, he will understand all the details of her life. The girl after marriage paint the hands with patterns of red.

5. Physical tests

In Nigeria, a young man should prove his love to the girl. To do this, he passes through the crowd of the tribe, armed with sticks, hits him with full force. If the poor places, it is considered that he is ready for marriage.

4. The weeping bride

In one of the ethnic groups of China’s future wife begins to cry a month before the wedding, then she is joined by mother and close friends. It is believed that the more they will shed tears, the happier will be the life together of the couple.

3. Test of strength

Quite a strange custom exists in the tribe Tudong. A young couple decided to test the strength. After the wedding, they are not allowed to go to the toilet for 3 days. The couple are forced to refuse food and drink water SIP. Monitor compliance with the traditions of the elders of the tribe.

2. Dental procedures

Couple in Bali before the wedding ceremony should go to the dentist to file your fangs and incisors. Since the local people believe that these teeth were obtained from animals in a hurry to change them, so that later arose between young scandals. This process involves getting rid of the worst vices.

1. Mud bath

The rating of the most unusual wedding traditions is headed by Switzerland. Before the wedding day the groom prepares for his beloved bath. To the mixture, you can add ketchup, mud, beer, leftovers and everything that comes to hand. This unpleasant smell of manure doused bride, followed by her all over town. So kill two birds with one stone, first, show his future wife what’s worse of this act in their family life will not, and secondly, presenting his beloved in such terrible form, get rid of the competition.

About these unusual traditions you can learn before the wedding. So if you are going to link their fate with a foreigner, point first, about local customs, to be ready for anything.

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