The rating of the most unusual shops in the world

Much competition has forced owners of shops to impress customers not only with quality product and prices, but also unusual design. To surprise the modern consumer is very difficult, so the result is absolutely incredible outlets. Let’s take a little trip and get acquainted with the ranking of the most unusual shops in the world.

10. Diesel


If you wanted to find out what is inside the radio, then this store is for you. It is situated in London and repeats this technique. On the facade you can see the levers, adjusting the volume and frequency of the waves.

9. Nike


The brand has surprised the customers with their store of the glass, in which the floor was created in the likeness of treadmills. In this model of athletic shoes seemed to be floating in the air.

8. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Surprised the French manufacturer of luxury products creating unusual shops. For this, he Packed up their stalls in two huge suitcases. Amazing Louis Vuitton store devoted to the anniversary of their brand, which celebrated its 150 years.

7. Adidas


Entered a boutique in the ranking of the most unusual stores in the world thanks to a fairly simple solution. The outlet is decorated in the form of a large Shoe box manufacturer. The creators showed, bar code, brand name and even the shoelaces out from under the roof of the building.

6. Swarovski


The crystal store is located in Tokyo. Stands out with its dazzling beauty. Here you can see the mirrored facades and exclusive design, which he called «Crystal forest».

5. 7-Eleven


The supermarket chain is notable because it is the eve of the release of the feature-length simpsons movie has renamed its outlets. The result is a huge number of stores began to carry the name of the shopping places from the cartoon «Kwik-E-Mart». And on the shelves you can meet Buzz Cola, cereal and drinks from the movie.

4. Market on the water

Market on the water

In Indonesia organized market, which is located right on the water. As the shelves here use a regular boat. And to acquire the right products buyers are also move swimming. For this they boat, swim up to one, then to other merchants.

3. Boutique GAP

Boutique GAP

Notable shop is the fact that all the exhibits in it arranged upside down. Such an interesting approach, the founders came up with to promote their brand in Vancouver. For this few days, mannequins, tables, clothing and mirrors were upside down.

2. The bike shop

The bike shop

An interesting thought came to mind of the owner of a private shop in Berlin. Christian Petersen graced the facade of your commercial space bikes. Only the building is located about 120 products.

1. Store bags Freitag.

Store bags Freitag.

It is unusual the fact that is made of old shipping containers. The original idea emerged as a result of the fact that the products themselves are sewn from tents designed for trucks. Pens for the youth of handbags made from seat belts. For the construction of the structure took about 17 containers that growth reach 26 m. Externally, the building looks absolutely normally, and at night it is beautifully illuminated.

Use of non-standard solutions to create the outlets is a great publicity stunt, and sometimes more cost-effective option than using traditional construction materials.

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