The rating of the most unusual collections in the world

The world of collecting odd, since he knows no boundaries and rules. Today is going to sometimes unimaginable objects or things. The usual sets of stamps, coins or honors have long gone to the second place. Want to learn about modern-day Hobbies? Then offer a rating of the most unusual collections in the world.

10. Things with the hockey field

Collection of a resident of Prague contains a variety of items: lighters, keys, coins and other products. These things are completely different in use, so it becomes unclear on what basis they are selected by the Czech. It turns out, is an unusual collector was a hockey referee and from the time his work began to collect items that the fans threw on the field.

9. Beer mugs

Where else but in Germany to collect such glasses? Today the collection of Heinrich Kata consists of 20,000 mugs. For his family’s collection of objects is a usual thing. For example, my brother Heinrich is engaged in collecting copies of hours.

8. Newspapers

A resident of Novosibirsk came up with an interesting hobby. He collects Newspapers, the title of which is the word «truth» in any language. Interesting gathering led him to the fact that to date the collection contains 800 Newspapers from around the world.

7. Teddy story

Pam Barker seriously into collecting owls. This hobby has led to the creation of plush supplant the mistress of the house. More than 18 thousand copies of owls have their own home, pam identified for them in a few rooms. Thanks to his passion for the British collector got into the Guinness book of records.

6. Handcuffs

This unusual collection belongs to Chris Gower, who lives in England. She has more than 530 items. The cuffs were taken at different times and used in different countries. The collection includes modern articles.

5. Crib

Working as a teacher can not only teach the mind and also grades. For example, a teacher of the school A. I. Smirnov went further and began to withdraw not only the crib but also to keep them. As a result, over 30 years of experience the teacher has managed to collect more than 6000 copies, which he keeps in his sketchbooks.

4. Beach sand

Unusual became interested in collecting Italian Kundo of Nebuloni. Traveling the world, he collects sand from the beaches and brings him home. The collection includes 300 cans, which contained grains of the watery world. Since the last time there were many followers of such a gathering, so people coined a special name – arenophile.

3. Illegal collection

Guy van Keer the only person detained by police over fake documents. A resident of Belgium became interested in interesting gathering – it retains the ID. The collection includes more than 4 thousand documents from different countries. It is not only the modern crust, but the documents from the XVII century.

2. Cover from toilets

American Barney Smith not only collects these strange objects, but also discovered in his garage a small Museum. There are more than 800 copies. The gathering started with the hobby of hunting. After another trip, Barney brought the horns of a deer. Hesitation, how to hang them, he placed them on the lid of the toilet. The American was so pleased with the result, that passion for hunting, he replaced the collecting of plastic products.

1. Hair celebrities

Completes the rating of the most unusual collections in the world, a strange hobby for John Reznikoff, who lives in Connecticut. Each instance of the hair has a document confirming that he belongs to the eminent master. The collection includes the curls of Marilyn Monroe, albert Einstein and other famous personalities. How John got copies of the hair is anyone’s guess.

Despite the strangeness of some sberatelstvi, it should be noted that this hobby is not for all people. The hobby requires patience, passion and belief in their collection.

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