The rating of the most delicious desserts

You will seldom find a person who will refuse a sweet dish after a hearty lunch or dinner. Delicious desserts are the pride of the experienced cook and well-known restaurants. The most successful of them went outside the country, which was invented and began to travel around the world. Recipes for sweets is really a lot, let’s look at the ranking of the most delicious desserts.

10. Sopapias


Dessert is translated as «fried dough». These cakes are prepared with wheat flour. Eat them alone or dipped in honey. There are some deviations from the classic recipe. For example, prepare sopapillas cinnamon flavor. The sweetness is quite popular in Latin America. And her birthplace is new Mexico, where the dessert was invented 200 years ago.

9. Churros


Popular in the world today pies first appeared in Spain. They can be found everywhere, for example in cinemas. They are made of soft dough, made in the form of a tube. If you look at the slice, we can see the shape of a star and the filling in the dessert. Especially nice to have a warm pastry in the cold season.

8. Tiramisu


Is not only in the ranking of the most delicious desserts, but also the most famous. It is impossible today to imagine a bakery or a cafe without cake. The delicate taste gives him mascarpone in combination with cookies lady fingers. Also included are cream and chocolate. Was born a wonderful dessert in Italy.

7. Macaroons

Magdalene pecivo

Few people know that it was first made in China. Ordinary at first glance, the cookies will be a real treat, if you drink a glass of milk. It loved all over the world. Americans, for example, visit a Chinese restaurant to buy a box of sweets.

6. Fruit salad

Collection salad

Juicy fruits can be made even more delicious if you combine them. This is a useful dish, and each country has its own recipe. In Africa, an indispensable ingredient is watermelon.

5. Pudding «Castle»


In fact, local cuisine is not known for good taste. But this pudding will satisfy the most demanding gourmet. It’s not even really dessert, but a dope to him. To do this, use the strawberry jam that goes well with the pudding.

4. Cake Pavlova

Cake Pavlova

The birthplace of this dessert is Australia and New Zealand. Prepare it only in elite restaurants. Cake is remarkable not only for its taste but also low calorie. In structure it resembles a marshmallow, on top of it be sure to lay out fresh fruit.

3. Baklava


An amazing dessert for the first time appeared in Turkey. For its preparation is used a special dough that can not be allowed to dry. On top of the finished layers of the syrup and sprinkled with pistachios.

2. Brown centany

Kashtanov centany

There is an amazing dessert in Japan. They include chestnut, sweet potato, sauce and vinegar. To cook creamy sweets, you must use a special variety of chestnut, which grows in Japan and South Korea.

1. The Gulab Jamun

The Gulab Jamun

In the meal included the most common products: cornmeal, milk, nuts and raisins. From the dough make small balls, which in the cooking process increase. Then they are placed in the syrup with different flavors. Next, you must wait time for the dessert the real thing. Eat sweets can be both hot and cold.

If you haven’t tried these delicious dishes, then it is time to treat yourself with new desserts.

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