The rating of the largest TV channels of the world

TV surprising is the fact that it is always relevant and interesting for the modern man. New serials, reality shows, competitive programs force us every day to prikalivatsja to the screens. Eminent programs are invented and are available from various corporations. List of monsters of this industry in the ranking of the largest TV channels of the world.

10. BBC

The British company was established in 1922. It is the most powerful language channel. His offices are located in various parts of the earth. Channel for those who can not imagine their life without fresh news.

9. CNN

The television company was created in 1980. The main office is in Atlanta. The channel was designed to broadcast news 24 hours a day. Today it is a successful company with offices in different countries.

8. Discovery Channel

Probably no one thought that the discovery channel will gain high ratings. It all depends on the presentation. Discovery is not just an opportunity to learn something new, but also a chance to feel yourself in the role of the researcher. When watching, the viewer gets the feeling that he is visited by unusual corners of the earth.


The thematic channels with the right approach is the ability to achieve incredible success. For lovers of sports ESPN is a godsend. He translates all the important events from the life of football, Golf, tennis, Boxing and other sports.

6. STAR World

The Asian channel, broadcasts in English and is a fun project for those who want to relax in the evening watching TV. The popularity of his TV series «Scandal» about the political games. It was shown in many countries of the world, where he broke the highest ratings.

5. MTV Music Television

Round-the-clock channel shows clips of popular artists. He quickly gained popularity in many countries of the world. The company is credited with the promotion of such big-name stars like Madonna and Michael Jackson.

4. HBO

Considered one of the first TV programs. Was formed in 1972 and always enjoyed a good popularity. The love of the audience has increased even more after the broadcast of the most expensive TV series «Game of thrones». By the way show «sex and the city» was first shown it on HBO.

3. Disney Channel

Cartoons this company does not leave anyone indifferent. They love watching toddlers, Teens and even adults. Every year we wait for the cinema novelties from Disney. This is especially true of Christmas adventures. And once again not disappointed, saw another sweet and touching story.

2. FOX

The company focuses mainly on the youth audience. That is it we should be grateful for the inimitable «Dr. house». The brainchild of the canal is the famous «the Simpsons» and «X-factor».

1. Nickelodeon

Finish our ranking of the largest TV channels of the world company for child audiences. For the little ones and teenagers are famous cartoons like «Sponge Bob» or «Ben 10». The channel also broadcasts forgotten, once popular, but your favorite cartoons.

Daily television companies work, coming up with new shows and interesting programs. The best recognition for them is the love and devotion of the audience.

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