The rating of the largest Russian space

A lot of people think that the largest areas are located in the capitals or major cities. In fact, large areas can be in any locality. We have prepared the rating of the largest areas of Russia that are worth a visit and enjoy the local surroundings.

10. Senate square

Senate squareSenate square

It is located in Saint-Petersburg and it is decorated with beautiful and famous monument erected in honor of Peter I. the Native inhabitants were used to a different name, since until 2008 it was known as Decembrists square.

9. Manezhnaya square

Manezh square.Manezhnaya square

Interesting and beautiful area located in the center of Moscow. The Manege was built in 1817. Proximity to the Kremlin and the Alexander garden make it an interesting place for tourists. So many of them start exploring the capital from the Manege square.

8. St. Isaac’s square

St. Isaac's squareSt. Isaac’s square

This area can be called a place where a lot of tourists. On the square you can feel the spirit of antiquity and solemnity due to surrounding buildings and adjacent to the Mariinsky Palace. It is beautiful and pleasant to spend free time.

7. Red square

Red squareRed square

Not the biggest in size, representing approximately 23 000 sq. m., but the most significant. It is called not only the heart of Moscow, but throughout Russia. This is the place that tend to visit for all tourists. In fact here is the Mausoleum and other monuments.

6. Lenin Square

Lenin SquareLenin Square

Is the area of 25.3 thousand m2 in Khabarovsk. Is not just flat terrain, but a good reminder. On its territory there are beautiful fountains, the landscaped corners. The square is beautifully illuminated in the evening. Around it there are important administrative buildings.

5. Cathedral square

The Cathedral square.Cathedral square

Fifth place is Tsarskoye Selo, which is the area the size of 34 thousand sq. m. surrounds the magnificent architectural monuments. The first plans of its creation have appeared in 1808. Despite the changes that occurred in its territory most of the historical buildings remained and today.

4. Palace square

Palazova areaPalace square

Is considered the most important territory in Saint-Petersburg. It is surrounded on all sides by the architectural attractions that are visited by tourists. This is the Winter Palace, the Alexander column, arc de Triomphe and the Guards corps headquarters. Its size is equal to 50 000 m2.

3. University square

University squareUniversity square

The square is located in Moscow. From the name it becomes clear that his tracks lead to the State University. The area is decorated with beautiful paths and fountains. It also is an observation deck. The dimensions of the area are 130,2 thousand m2.

2. Moscow area

Moscow areaMoscow area

It is located in the cultural capital of Russia and a long time had no name. A large area of 131.2 thousand in sq. m. it was planned as demonstrations and other large scale events. Called it in 1968. She is one of the largest squares in Europe.

1. Kuibyshev Square

Kuibyshev square - the largest square in RussiaKuibyshev square — the largest square in Russia

First place in the ranking of the largest areas of Russia is a place located in Samara. Previously, it had another name, since the hotel was located a Cathedral. Beautiful and significant building were attracted to the area a large number of people, so it was called the Cathedral. In 1935 it was destroyed in the explosion, and in its place appeared a monument to Kuibyshev. Today, the area, dimensions 174 000 sq. m. notable for the fact that it is Samara Opera and ballet theatre.

Area for each city is a meeting place for locals and a must-see destination for tourists. Because around them you can see the beautiful monuments on the territory to enjoy the fountains and other landscape elements.

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