The rating of the largest canyons

There is probably no people that do not would have admired the gifts of nature. Among his works stand out canyons: big and mysterious, beautiful and inaccessible. We offer you an interesting journey and the contemplation of the incredible depths and heights in the ranking of the largest canyons.

10. The Tara river canyon

The Tara river canyon

It is a place that strikes tourists with its length, in Montenegro. Being in last place in our rankings of the largest canyons, it is the first largest in Europe. Its length is 2 km and reaches a depth of 82 km the area is Famous not only for interesting tours and monuments, but also a high level of risk. The canyon is a road where the slightest driver error can lead to a breakdown vehicle from the highway and rockfall.

9. The Blyde river canyon

The Blyde river canyon

To see the incredible beauty of the place, having gone to South Africa. It is remarkable the fact that all its sides covered with greenery. Admiring from the observation deck of the canyon you can see a beautiful waterfall and descend its walls to the river.

8. Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon

Many tourists specially travel to Mexico to visit the beautiful countryside. For them is a train, which daily transports a large number of those wishing to see the beautiful slopes close. The railroad held to a height of 2400 m, because a memorable journey is guaranteed.

7. Cotahuasi Canyon

The Cotahuasi Canyon

Contrast countryside like a set up for observation and reflection. Is a canyon in Peru and striking in its colors and transitions. Striking a sharp decline in its walls down. At the foot of the canyon, the tourist will meet with an unusual river Cotahuasi.

6. Canyon of the Colca river

Canyon of the Colca river

Another wonderful place is located in Peru. Its slopes are made in the form of thresholds that abound with greenery, formed from moss, and bright colors. The area is considered ideal for those who enjoy mountain Biking.

5. Fish river canyon

Fish river canyon

Entered the largest of the canyons are not as high. Its depth is only 550 m. Conquers the terrain of its length, which is 161 km away such a huge plot stretch short, bizarre forms, as if cut by the top of the slopes.

4. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

Seeing such splendor impossible to remain indifferent. In the first place captivates orange-red color of the hills. Their hue was influenced by clay soils. The canyon impresses with its forms that was created by the Colorado river gradually eroding surrounding its shores. To see this wonderful place, you need to go to the USA.

3. Gorge Of Kali Gandaki

Gorge Of Kali Gandaki

A mystical place got its name in honor of the mysterious goddess. Interestingly it is different heights. To many it seems dark due to the grey coloured slopes. Is a canyon in Nepal, and its maximum altitude is 6,800 m.

2. Valley Capertee

Valley Capertee

It can be safely attributed to the oldest formations. The valley was formed millions of years ago. Going to Australia can enjoy the beautiful mountain river with steep slopes covered with greenery. The length of the canyon is about 450 km.

1. Valley Of The Tsangpo

Valley Of The Tsangpo

To circumvent Tibetan canyon will not work. A special expedition, organized in China, the local scientific center, has set a verdict that is the Grand canyon. Such a conclusion they did, measure its length. Length of communication made 504600 km.

Nature is necessary to spend millions of years to create such a wonderful place. Visiting them, you should not forget about safety, because this is mountainous terrain with fast flowing rivers and steep slopes.

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