The rating of the insurance companies

The insurance industry after the financial crisis in 2008 has had bigger shocks. The uncertainty of the investment market, all kinds of terrorist attacks and the consequences of globalization is only a small fraction of the factors that affect the development of insurance. Below you can see the ranking of insurance companies in the world based on the size of the market capitalization.

1.Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Getaway

The headquarters of us multinationals located in the United States. In submission there are many Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries. At the moment the management of the company rests with the President and CEO is Warren Buffett. For the last 48 years have seen the annual increase in value of the shares of approximately 19%. The value of market capitalisation amounted to 252,8 billion.

2. China Life Insurance Group

China Insurance Group Life

Second place in the rating of insurance companies is the largest insurer in China with a market capitalization of 69 billion dollars. She won 45% of the insurance market in the country. For the location of the headquarters of the company chose Beijing. It is based in Shanghai in 1931.

3. Allianz


Insurance company located in Munich (Germany), founded in 1890. This is one of the top 15 global financial groups. In the 2008-2009 year was started cooperation with Commerzbank and now the share of the insurer in this Bank is about 14%. The company’s market capitalization – 66,36 billion.

4. AIG


In American insurance company employs over 60 thousand employees, customer service conducted in 130 countries. New York- the location of the headquarters of AIG. It sponsors the club Manchester United. The market capitalization of the insurance company – 57,53 billion.

5. Ping An


This is a Chinese holding company with a market capitalization of $ 57 billion. Main activities – services insurance and financial bids associated with them. 1988 – founding the company with headquarters in Shenzhen.

6. AIA


The insurance company is engaged in the provision of services in the Asia-Pacific region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Philippines, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Until 2009, AIA was part of the AIG Group. The value of the market capitalization of the insurer 53,54 billion.

7. AXA


This French multinational conglomerate which operates in the countries of Western Europe, Middle East, USA and the Asia-Pacific region. Principal activities of savings, asset management, insurance and the provision of other financial services. Market capitalization is 45,32 billion.

8. Metlife


The largest American company engaged in the service at the same time 500 quite large companies. The company was founded in 1968, today the market capitalization is around 43,96 billion.

9. Zurich Insurance Group

Insurance Group Zurich

The headquarters of the Swiss insurance company is in Zurich. This brand is one of the largest in the insurance world. The company employs more than 60 thousand people involved in servicing clients in 170 countries.

10. ING


This insurer is very popular in South America, Europe and Australia. In 2012, the company sold the Malaysian part of the business. This operation was estimated at 1.3 billion euros. Market valuation based on recent transactions is 35,63 billion.

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