The rating of the humidifier

Humidifiers nowadays are buying more people. Small item with multiple features can substantially improve overall health and prevent aging of the skin, nails and hair less brittle and to raise the General tone of the body. And about the parents who buy these devices for children with respiratory diseases, and say nothing — they have long appreciated their necessity and usefulness.

Our rating of a humidifier will suggest the most optimal and functional devices, which can be found on sale.

Stadler Form Jack J-20/021

Humidifier Stadler Form Jack J-20/021Humidifier Stadler Form Jack J-20/021

Swiss humidifier which works with ultrasound, the winner of the rating of the humidifier. Light indication will help in the dark, not getting up to determine the mode of operation of the device. And two of them — cold (consumes only 38w) and warm (80 degrees) par. The latter is very effectively kills bacteria and assists in achieving the required humidity level in the room.

In humidifiers dual cleaning system — there are cartridges for water demineralization and enrichment with silver ions.

Expensive — the price of 19 thousand rubles.

Polaris PUH 5206

Humidifier Polaris PUH 5206Humidifier Polaris PUH 5206

Economic (from 5.5 thousand rubles) ultrasonic model water ionizer. This humidifier has 3-level intensity pair, and the degree of humidity is adjustable from 40 to 85%. There is a timer that can be programmed up to 9 hours delayed start.

The device has the function of night mode with possibility to switch off the light display.

Electrolux EHU-5515

A humidifier Electrolux EHU-5515A humidifier Electrolux EHU-5515

Ultrasonic humidifier for large rooms (60 m2), with the function of hot and cold couple. For this he has fairly decent water tank (7 litres). Hot steam addition can be used as inhaler.

Price — from 12 thousand rubles.


Humidifier FANLINE VE-200Humidifier FANLINE VE-200

Multifunctional humidifier according to German technology, assembled in Russia. He also ozoniruet, ionizes and fills the room with pleasant scents. Suitable for small rooms (20 m2).

Air purification system consists of 3 stages and does not require special water, your regular water. It is possible to add in a special capsule oil.

Price — 7 thousand rubles. The noise level is average, but not critical.


Humidifier VENTA LW 45Humidifier VENTA LW 45

The most powerful and expensive device in our ranking of humidifiers that can fill with moisture a room with an area up to 75 m2. The water tank is also great — 10 liters, and this number consumes only 8W per hour.

Available in 3 mode. This is a real air washing after the work cycle in the tank the naked eye can see the dirt and debris.

Price — 33 thousand rubles.

Boneco Air-O-Swiss E2441A

Humidifier Boneco Air-O-Swiss E2441AHumidifier Boneco Air-O-Swiss E2441A

A popular instrument of the Swiss company that for over half a century engaged in the production of humidifiers. It is a traditional model with natural evaporation, when the air flow passes through a paper filter. There are 2 stages of power.

The security system at the highest level, the humidifier will turn off automatically when falling or evaporating water. It can also be used as an effective diffuser.

Low noise level the device is suitable for a bedroom or nursery. The disadvantage of wetting the sponge filter requires frequent replacement and it is not easy to find.

Price — 7 thousand rubles.

Philips HU4707/13

Humidifier Philips HU4707/13Humidifier Philips HU4707/13

This steam humidifier (cool vapor) at an affordable price, which will cope with the small room size (15 m2). The choice of modes will allow you to choose the intensity of work and, consequently, noise level (silent and normal modes).

Disadvantages — small water tank (1, 3 liters) requires frequent topping up. A moisture filter should be changed every 3 months.

From 5 thousand rubles.

Ballu UHB-400

Air humidifier Ballu UHB-400Air humidifier Ballu UHB-400

Ultrasonic humidifier in the form of a light (illuminated), is available in several types (for different wood). Despite its diminutive form, he is quite capable to humidify the average volume of the room (40 m2).

The kit includes a filter cartridge, which prevents the formation of scale. The device has a built-in aroma capsule, which can be used to make the air in the room as pleasant as possible.

Of the shortcomings users report uncomfortable refilling of water.

The price is from 2 thousand rubles.

Vitek VT-1761 BK

Humidifier air Vitek VT-1761 BKHumidifier air Vitek VT-1761 BK

Ultrasonic humidifier medium capacity — 40 m2, with ionizer built-in filter. There is only cold vapor. Water containers (5 litre) enough for a few days operation of the humidifier.

The price — from 3 thousand roubles.

Disadvantages — noisy, inconvenient access to the water tank.


Humidifier SCARLETT SC-985Humidifier SCARLETT SC-985

Compact and inexpensive ultrasonic humidifier on of 30 m2 and a tank volume of 3,5 liters. Transparent Tank, which is very convenient to control water.

The price is from 2 thousand rubles. Runs almost silently. Can run without refueling for up to 10 hours.

There are lights that will not turn off at night.

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