The rating of the head unit

Who doesn’t love a fast ride, and even to the music? Car will help to brighten up the loneliness of the driver, enjoy your favorite tunes, to be aware of the latest news, weather and sport results. In total without this accessory in a car is not essential.

The main thing that we noticed in our article — compatible, price and sound quality. Our rating of head unit for both sizes (1Din and 2Din).

The first model, although I have sensor that is virtually unbreakable if dropped and are very long. Besides, their price is significantly different from the advanced touch counterparts, so buy these models are still practically the same.

1 Pioneer Dex-P99Rs


The absolute leader of the rating of the connector head unit 1Din. Of course, the price is quite high, but this device produces the purest sound possible in the car. The output signal obtained is integrated, as being processed with four sides. All audio streams are synchronized, and the EQ consists of 31 lanes. CD-Rom transfers data to analogue converters, eliminating all distorted sounds, preserving the natural sound.

In this model involved a new company — the pulse generator, which does not sound to rattle when driving over potholes and bumps. Sound Retriever system allows the processing of audio, transforming it from a compressed form as close to its original.

Radio is suitable for all USB ports, iPod and iPhone. Gold plated metal connectors and copper frame will prolong the life for a long time.

2 JVC KD-X150


This model is for people who appreciate quality sound, and one that is not so expensive. The design of the radio is wonderful — it lacks the characteristic of Asian production frills, but quite attractive.

JVC invented the first diffusers of wood and in that time has succeeded in improving the audio signal. Here is a good extended bass and excellent treble, but some fans say that they lack transparency.

On completion, two USB inputs, Bluetooth, and support RDS radio data.

Of the shortcomings — green backlight loses brightness of red and the image on the screen deteriorates in the review corner.

3 Alpine iDE-178BT

Alpine IDE-178BT

Since 2013, this model maintains its position among his own kind.

24-bit Converter ensures sound top class. The screen transmits images regardless of the viewing angle. Media receiver equipped with a display that allows you to install it in a car of any brand.

Radio may interfere with TuneIT, located on smartphones with Android, that allows you to adjust phone settings. This makes it easy to share music with users of social networks.

All buyers have a good working Bluetooth. Model compatible with IOS vTuner, which provides access to 10 thousand radio stations around the world.

Of the shortcomings — no CD player and remote control.

4 Sony CDX-G3100UE

Sony CDX-G3100UE

Fans of the Japanese brand can enjoy clear and quality sound with excellent bass and rich mid. It produces four-channel 55-watt amplifier. A dynamic system Mega Bass enrich the sound of low-frequency coloration, even when you listen to music quietly. Technical characteristics of the radio is very good — connecting iPhone and iPod, CD player and USB. And all this with economical power consumption.

Disadvantages — no Bluetooth.

5 Kenwood KDC-BT53U


This is a good and cheap model in which the signal is processed digitally. Standard powerful audio with amplifier 4*50W. In the tape player, two player — CD MP3. The backlight panel can be changed depending on the mood. Media receiver supports tags in Cyrillic, which is very convenient. And amplified radio picks up channels and most radio stations.

In the configuration of the two USB input and Bluetooth.

The disadvantages include the lack of remote control and buttons for quick switching.

Din connector 2 (for modern cars 180*100 mm) and the touch screen have many advantages. They are easy to manage (one finger touch) and in addition to high-quality music offer the owner the option of viewing the video. The only thing is that the prices for these models are much higher than push-button models.

1 Alpine IVE-W530BT


Touch screen size 6.1 inch good screen resolution of 800×480 transmits high-quality image.

Bluetooth provides the driver with the hands-free function, when he can talk on the phone, speaking in a special retractable microphone.

To receiver you can connect an additional navigation (RGB connector). Therefore, the screen is divided in half — for navigating and viewing video.

Included 3 separate output line which provide independent control of the subwoofer, the front and rear.

2 Sony XAV 741

Sony XAV-741

Its 7-inch screen takes up almost all free space, leaving the buttons only a small part at the bottom. Sophisticated fastening system prevents hacking, how to remove the radio is only possible with a partial disassembly of the panel.

It is possible to divide dynamics into two zones — the front for the driver and rear passengers.

The Japanese company has remained faithful to the high-quality sound. A wonderful program she SensMe ™ groups the music by genre, offering it to reproduce. The smartphone can be controlled from the display media receiver.

And MirrorLink technology supports all Androids, Nokia smartphones, iPhone and iPod.

3 Pioneer AVH-1700DVD

Pioneer AVH-1700DVD

The screen diagonal of 6.2 anti-glare and gives an opportunity to choose the brightness and 113 of the lighting. While he has good color. Radio plays audio and video from almost any source, and reads all of the files.

5 band equalizer helps customize the sound to best. And the amplifier 4*50 watts will fill with quality sound the machine shop. The sound is clear and loud, as are the LF and HF filters and tone-compensation. While some note a little rough in the bass.

Disadvantages — media-receiver can not read the FLAC format and no Bluetooth. Also on the panel is missing a button off, which creates some inconvenience. Only one AV input, one in front, everyone else behind (including flash drive), which creates difficulties in work.

4 Prology MDN-2800


The main advantage of this model is GPS/GLONASS and licensed program «Navitel». The display is rich and bright, allowing you to view videos in all formats. The sound is crisp and clear. To work Bluetooth is not a single criticism.

Of the minuses — all USB connected only via adapter, weak Hands Free microphone and only 6 buttons for the radio on the screen.

5 Kenwood DDX4015BTR

Kenwood DDX4015BTR

Radio has a 6.2 inch screen allows you to adjust the rear view camera and add Parking lines. In addition to the Bluetooth function there are more option Siri Eyes Free, which allows you to control the voice with the phones iOS6.

A good amplifier MOSFET 4*50 delivers a strong sound, and an equalizer with 5 bands allows you to customize all the music.

A high-pass filter serially reads the signal from both channels front and rear.

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