The rating of the DVR

One of the accessories that have become an integral part of modern cars, is the DVR. The main selection criteria be shooting quality and technical parameters. We have selected the most relevant models that really deserve your attention.

FineVu CR-2000S Black Edition

The first place he is not just. This is the best device that you can discover among the numerous proposals. Country of origin – Korea. To us comes exclusively in a black casing if you decide to buy a white CR-2000S, remember – the warranty is missing.

The manufacturer has provided the Registrar with a pair of cameras capture image with a resolution of Full HD. Besides, the device has an excellent touch screen that responds to a light touch of a finger. Please and voice warning that notifies the approach to the security cameras DPS. The dash camera has a 128 «gigs» of memory, which provides two cards. In the modern market FineVu – an absolute favourite that has no competition.

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH

The new season has not only excellent performance but also great design. Two cameras of the DVR off the high screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels that produces excellent images even when shooting at night.

The miniature size of the model makes it possible to place it behind the mirror. A rear view camera can be mounted on the rear window of the car. Tinted this absolutely does not change the quality of recording. Another undeniable plus — there is a module Wi-Fi.

Karkam Combo

Newcomer that combines the functionality of three devices – DVR, GPS and radar informer. By the way, the latest works on a different principle than other similar devices. In a COMBO detector receives information about police radars, focusing on the data of electromagnetic radiation.

In addition, the device enables recording in high quality Full HD. Camera Combo has the angle which is 120 degrees, which gives him the opportunity to capture not only the oncoming cars, but also curb.

ProCam CX4 revision 3.0

If you are looking for an inexpensive miniature, with a good quality of shooting, the CX4 is exactly what you need. This is the third updated version, which received a completely new stuffing in the form of a processor ambrella A7 SUPER HD camera. Manufacturers also added and a few more chips, leaving the exterior design unchanged.

With a new camera, «the kid» delivers a quality footage even at night. The manufacturer provided a device sixteen «gigs» of RAM. If desired, it can be expanded to a full 32 GB, which has a special slot.

Street Storm CVR-A7510-G V. 3

Top five Street storm, an updated version of the previous model, which is popular with many drivers. And still it works in conjunction Ambarella A7 and WDR camera. Responsible for the optics the lens of the five lenses is made of specialized matrix and fiber.

The model will be especially interesting to fans of wide angle shots. The viewing angle of the device is 170 degrees. And don’t worry that the edges of the picture are blurred. The software is able to automatically correct any errors.

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