The rating of the coil for spinning

The market of fishing products today offers the widest selection of spinning reels, which are presented in different models and price ranges. We suggest you to check the rating of the coil for a spinning, is to have an idea about the most used by our fishermen models. This will allow you to make the right choice of coils for a particular purpose and a particular type of fishing. In the ranking of the most popular in our country brands reels – Shimano, Ryobi and Daiwa, which has long been proven on the positive side, that are popular among the lovers of fishing. Consideration the most popular reels spinning, start with the budget options, and end with a rating of more expensive models.

1 Daiwa Sweepfire

Katushka Daiwa Sweepfire

The undisputed leader among budget models the coils are Daiwa Sweepfire. Ideal for novice anglers, requires the use of only the line, not the cord, it’s important to make uniform the transaction. Despite the fact that the coil design is rather primitive (1 bearing, no instant reverse stop, laying of the line is imperfect), the quality is much better than many models that cost may be higher (average coil costs 650 rubles). Thus, if the reel should a novice angler, this model will serve as an option that is not heavily hit on the wallet.

2 Ruobi Tresor

Katushka Ruobi Tresor

In the price range from 1000 to 2000 rubles one of the best is coil Ruobi Tresor. So she got in our rating on the second place. Consumer characteristics, this is a decent model, as it is quite reliable, has 5 bearings and a smooth ride, and will last a long time (for the most frugal of anglers coil will last at least 5 years). Laying of the line, of course, not ideal, but the presence of the product instant anti-reverse provides the ability to perform jerk posting (if you use a thick cord and wound it onto the spool correctly). The cost of this model is 1700 rubles.

3 Ryobi Excia MX

Katushka Ryobi Excia MX

Next in the ranking of the reels spinning is this a deserved favorite of many anglers of our country. In this coil there are 7 or 8 bearings, braided cord fit well enough, but in General this model is of excellent quality and reliability. Of course, a few suffer from ergonomics and design, which is already a bit outdated. However, this does not stop fishermen using it, because it is good value for money (costs about 2700 rubles) and the quality makes this reel very popular.

4 Ryobi Ecusima6

Katushka Ryobi Ecusima6

This model features in the design of the 4 bearings and is equipped with a front friction brake, which is highly sensitive. This reel body and spool made of metal, which indicates the reliability of the product. To slip the fishing line as light as possible, the arc of the line bale, you’ll be aunt work the locking mechanism, made with a titanium coating. The fishing line is wound on a spool evenly through the control mechanism, reciprocating motion. To buy this model it is possible for 1500-1800 rubles.

5 Shimano Catana

Katushka Shimano Catana

Fifth place in the ranking allotted to that model, which is quite long won the trust of our fans of fishing, because it has excellent quality and reasonable price (costs about 1,800 rubles). Of course, with the advent of more sophisticated models (e.g., Ruobi Tresor) in the same price category, it is possible to call this reel a few obsolete and not made of such modern materials as manufactured to date model. However, such a model also often take novice anglers who do not show to the coil some high requirements.

6 Ryobi Zauber

Katushka Ryobi Zauber

Sixth place in the ranking of reels for spinning the coil of the categories are more expensive (from 2000 to 5000 rubles). It has much more positive characteristics and allows the use of woven cords. The reliability of such models is quite high, because the body and spool are made of metal. The coil has a system of endless screw with two ball bearings. Shackle resolidified recorded clearly enough, so there is no involuntary closing, for example, when casting the fishing line. The average cost of this coil is 3900 rubles.

7 Daiwa Revros MX

Katushka Daiwa Revros MX

Daiwa RevrosMX has an elegant metal handle, forged spool, the exact clutch and all the major systems, which are typical models of the middle class. She’s also pretty attractive to look at, very light and has beautiful styling braided cord. The main drawback, which is celebrated by fishermen, is the presence of backlash on the handle, which, however, does not affect the functionality of the product. In General, this a very decent reel for the money (3700 rubles).

8 Shimano Elf 2011

Katushka Shimano Elf 2011

This model has an attractive appearance, beautiful styling braided cord, light weight and sufficient reliability. The coil is capable of giving the angler, everything you need for excellent fishing, so it can be considered as an optimal choice of the modern lover of fishing. It can be purchased for 4200 rubles.

Shimano Ultegra 9

Katushka Shimano Ultegra

Completes the rating of this model, which is recognized as a kind of standard for fishing in Europe. In its class, this reel is considered the best because it has a powerful and high-speed system line lay, the unique styling of the line due to the variable-speed progressive and reverse movements of the spool ergonomic power handle that allows to draw out large specimens of fish. Has different sizes (from 1000 to 6000) and costs about 5000 rubles.

Of course, this rating reels for spinning fishermen can also add your favorite patterns of the coils, which proved only from a positive side, without any of the presented model. But in any case, we hope that the rating will allow to correctly determine the choice of reel for spinning for those people who only join to fishing and have some difficulties in choosing the coil.

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