The rating of the built-in electric ovens

The oven is an important attribute in the kitchen than the refrigerator or sink. Without it will not work to cook cakes, pizza, baked meat. Many people think that the design of the ovens are perfect and do not expect something new. But perfection knows no limits, and a new, innovative approach to the development of ovens can give unexpected results.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the rating built-in electric ovens. Each model is modern, beautiful and accessible.

5. Hotpoint-Ariston FH 51

Hotpoint-Ariston FH 51

The most affordable option of the oven. Multi-function oven, you can switch convection. The oven can operate in 5 modes: conventional, synchronous, grill, top heating and Browning. The kit includes baking tray and grill for frying. The walls of the oven covered with enamel that is not difficult when cleaning. For easy care oven manufacturer made a removable door.

4. Zanussi ZOB 482

Zanussi ZOB 482

As other participants of the rating, the oven is multifunctional, it is possible to activate forced convection. Unlike the previous participant from the oven 8 operating modes. The mode «Defrost» — there is only the convection fan and the temperature in the oven remains at room. If the «Convection» will run a fan and two heaters. The «Full grill» is designed for large quantities of food, in this mode starts to work the entire heating element. If you want to make some products, it is best to use the «Small grill», in this case, it will only work part of the grill. In this oven there is a function «Grill+spit», this function is used for cooking kebabs or small meat pieces. The traditional mode is top or bottom heating.

Complete with an oven you’ll find the baking tray, grill for roasting, baking tray for collecting grease and spit. To care for your oven, simply because its walls are covered with a special enamel.

3. Gorenje BO 7349R

Gorenje bude 7349R

This model is available in three colors: creamy-Golden, chocolate brown and black. A great multifunctional oven, it has 7 modes of operation.

2. Bosch HBA 43T350

Bosch HBA 43T350

Development of the oven-took place in Germany, but the production model has been the company in the Iberian Peninsula. The manufacturer has provided 7 modes, which is enough for cooking. In the oven to defrost food, it is possible to enable forced convection when running heaters, in addition to convection you can turn on the grill. As all the participants of the rating, the oven may work with top or bottom heater. More importantly, it is the job of grill that can be full or partial (if the products in a small quantity).

1. Hansa BOEI 68390030

Hansa BOEI 68390030Hansa BOEI 68390030 — tops the ranking of built-in electric ovens

As it should be in the high-end model brings the best technical achievements that are relevant to ovens. The oven will delight the cooks in the number of modes, in total, there are about a dozen. In addition, in the memory of the oven programmed cooking 15 dishes.

To your attention was the built-in electric ovens, which includes only the best models. They are all of modern design, and most importantly safe.

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