The rating of the brake pads

Brake pads is one of the most important elements of the car, which is why they are in demand. A number of manufacturers that make pads very large, so to understand which of them produce high quality products, not so simple. Let’s make a ranking of the brake pads.



A well-known company All Brake System was created in 1978. She is one of the renowned companies that manufacture different items for brake systems. Makes pads for German, Korean, American and other machines. Drivers its products generally receive positive feedback. In stock – about a thousand models of brake pads. Most of them have wear indicators, special antismoke coating and other cool features that make them a goods of premium class.

Allied Nippon


In the next place in our ranking of brake pads located firm Allied Nippon Ltd of Japan. One of the recognized manufacturers, their products well-known giants: Hyundai, Suzuki, General Motors. The company makes a variety of brake pads for various modern machines. Of course, the production process for high-quality equipment with innovative technologies.



The next place in our rating goes to the brake pads by the German manufacturer ATE. He has a very long history, so as to produce these products, the company began in 1958. Drivers German quality is more than satisfactory – the pads have a complex composition – titanium, chrome, Nickel, etc. because of this, the brake is capable of long time to work and well to perform their functions at high work loads. Among those models, which the company is particularly proud of – long-lasting ceramic pads with a minimum of noise.



One of the legendary manufacturers of tires have been considered in our rating of brake pads for cars just – he quickly poured into the market of these elements of the car, becoming the main manufacturer in South Korea. The company has decided not to move their plants to other States and begin to produce here in Korea. The result – good quality at a low price. In Russia, these brake systems are available under the brand FRIXA are made from high quality raw materials with the addition of Kevlar fibers and gesticulate potassium, which significantly increases the margin of safety.



In our rating of the brake pads were products of the Japanese firm Kashiyama, which produces them since 1960. The production is well-established – to produce 200 thousand sets of pads, you only need 30 days of work and eight employees. Has your research center that allows you to maintain products at a high level. Actively promoting its products in many countries, including in the Russian Federation.



Actually under this brand in Russia works by the TRW Corporation. Included in the top five manufacturers of components for cars. Various accessories from Lucas,in particular, pads and other elements of brake systems, which produces the company, are known for their reliability.



The largest Japanese manufacturer that supplies their pads Mazda cars, Toyota, Subaru, Toyota and others. Well apart pads from this manufacturer and we have. Quality – at a high level with the use of asbestos-free materials using expensive trace elements and their own unique developments.



This well-known company completes our ranking of manufacturers of brake pads. Delivers its goods on conveyors KIA and Hyundai, has research centers allow us to offer customers high-tech products. Its products are popular in the CIS.

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