The rating of the alarm

In the modern market of car alarms there are plenty of proposals from various manufacturers. Each company is working to expand its model range, offering a more modern innovations, which make impression. There are the niche brands that are in demand more than others. We decided to collect the necessary information to rank the systems that are most in demand.

We note immediately that the overall quality of the one – feedback between the controller owner of the car and the alarm unit. This allows you to remotely control the machine. Otherwise, they have some differences both in price and in functionality.



The first in our rating car alarms company Starline, which is one of the largest in this market. Its products are chosen by many compatriots, in popularity leading models Dialog. It was named, and in connection with the dialog box method of encryption. This system is much more resistant to the attacks of hackers and crackers.

Other advantages also add to the demand for the protected from interference, long distance transmission – up to 1 kilometer, support startup and relatively low cost 4-5 thousand rubles. Together with this are more familiar functions: shock sensor, lock control at a distance and so on.



Another significant brand that made our a rating of alarm systems for cars. You probably heard about it, as it regularly ranks high in a variety of tops. It also has a reinforced box, the encrypted signal. Among other things, equipped with specialized CAN-module, allows you to connect a variety of security devices.

Another plus is an impressive set of sensors that respond to different actions with the car. Also there is a special system, which is responsible for the quality control signal. It is needed in case if the car owner is suddenly out of reach, which will lead to absolute loss of control over the machine. The cost varies in the range of 7-9 thousand rubles.



The alarm produced by this company are widely known, some of them have significant the transmitter up to two kilometers. The most popular in our system are of the latest series MAGICAR 7.

New models of the company are of high level protection signal, who just misses the open air. Another plus – they are adapted to local climatic conditions. The usual complement of alarm is not so much – about 6000 rubles.



In our rating car alarm with autostart and got these remedies car. Their main advantage is not enough, as the low price. The cheapest cost about 3-4 thousand, the greatest demand system ZX. Alarm this manufacturer often fall into different tops and have a great set of options – except for startup, there is a control at distance, and much more. Will disappoint someone dynamic encryption method, but otherwise the products of this brand satisfy the consumers.



In our rating of the alarm systems, this company also was not in vain. One of its significant advantages is the availability of GPS modules. This kind of communication is considered the most stable. As standard there are a variety of sensors and functionality that significantly increase the security of your car. Of course, this can not affect the cost – it is about 9000 rubles.

The most popular ones that guarantee the protection of the car to meet modern safety requirements. Often plus are additional options that significantly improve the safety of cars.

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