The rating of tennis players

Tennis became the national game, he was and still is playing favorites. But his popularity among the people» does not suffer. Beautiful game, beautiful athletes, who is closely watched by the audience. And who knows for anyone else – with men or with women. Rated tennis players 2014, ten best girls, for which the racket has become a real «friend», as follows.

10th place – Dominika Cibulkova (3052 points, Slovakia)

Tennis is engaged with 9 years being the third racket of the world (now former) champion. She is now 25 years old, in addition to sports, she is busy in advertising and serves as a model for men’s magazines. She is a fighter, small size (161 cm) does not prevent it to get any balls and give it deep. Fluent in English.

9 – Angelique Kerber (3480 glasses, Germany)

He took the racket in his hands at the age of three years, he still plays, and she is now 26. The passion for swimming did not become an obstacle for tennis, although there were good results. Experts suggest the likelihood of Angelica the title of the first racket of the world due to good prospects and talent.

8th place – Caroline Wozniacki (4625 points, Denmark)

Arriving at the tennis in 7 years, still great friends with the racket. Mistakes on the court almost does, plays unpredictable, especially her beautiful strike from the backhand. Speaks English and Polish, understands Russian language. Engaged in promotional activities, including Oriflame advertises deodorants.

7 – Eugenie Bouchard (4715 points, Canada)

Further, the rating of the players is tall (178 cm) twenty-year-old beauty Eugenie. Racket in hand picked in 6 years. Different activity and a strong serve, he prefers hitting a rising ball. Favorite «area of operation» — back line. The first canadian who won a Grand slam Junior singles titles and reached the final of the Grand slam among the women.

6 – Agnieszka Radwanska (4810 points, Poland)

She was 25 years old, of which 21 she’s on the court. Poland is considered the most successful first out in the Grand slam and earned a million dollars in prize money. Bears the title of 3rd racket of the world. The style of the game is «thinking», but almost no offensive potential, although Agnieszka is a player-universal, it fits any surface – grass ground, hard.

5th place – Ana Ivanovic (4820 points, Serbia)

Says Anna, her inherent determination, will, she’s ready to fight with the competitors, but it is sensitive and prejudices – to the line which delineated the court, it will never come. It is one of the most beautiful sportswomen of the world. 27 years, tennis has come in 5 years after watching this game on TV.

4th place – Petra Kvitova (5966 points, Czech Republic)

Peter is now 24, she is the best tennis player of 2011. In 2014, Peter «took» Wimbledon. Her sports idol, Martina Navratilova and Roger Federer. A professional in the family only she and the father with brothers Amateur tennis players. Peter was fluent in English.

3 – Simona Halep (6292 points, Romania)

Simone just 23 years old, in tennis since 4-years. She is in the TOP 10 of the world ranking tennis players, due to the very promising and being the youngest. To successfully engage in tennis, Simona even sacrificed beauty – reduced chest. Best of all it could supply.

2nd place – Maria Sharapova (7050 points, Russia)

Twenty-seven Russian beauty – winner of the «career slam» with victories in all tournaments for several years. It is very popular in advertising business and is among the leaders on the sum of your earnings in it. Tennis came in 6 years on the recommendation of Martina Navratilova, who played with her.

1st place – Serena Williams (8485 points, USA)

Tops the ranking tennis players Serena Williams. In tennis Serena and her sister Venus came through her father, the two managed to become the first racket of the world. She is the only women and men who have a career «Golden slam». Serena twice was the first racket, and with the highest break of 5 years between them, she is the eldest of players. Engaged in business and charity.

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