The rating of surgeons

Plastic surgery is part of our life with ever greater insistence, because most people prefer to surrender to the will of another skill, and don’t make an effort to remedy the appearance. Therefore, it is useful to know who is worthy to be trusted. Thanks to the surgeons know who will be able to make in our appearance necessary changes without risk to health.

10th place – Teplyashin, Alexander S.

Teplyashin, Alexander S.

Well-known publications in the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda», an experienced and acknowledged master, a key representative of our surgery on an international scale that tells the truth about how the surgery is successful and their mistakes. But sometimes «pass» for colleagues-doctors, that is not entirely consistent with ethics.

9th place – Ivanchenkova Tatiana

Ivanchenkova Tatiana

Ranked in the Top 10 the only woman, Tatiana flawlessly performed operations in lipo. Her patients have a flawless beauty with close attention of the doctor to every nuance and balanced decision in each case.

8th place – Rybakin Arthur V.

Rybakin Arthur V.

This surgeon referred to as «stellar» as in his «portfolio» was recorded really stars. For example: Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva, Renata Litvinova and other celebrities of the same level. However, displeases too «star» prices, and the operations on the conveyor, do not add positive reviews.

7th place – Sviridov Sergey

Sviridov Sergey

Sergey entered the rating of surgeons due to the methodology «a Breast without a seam», for which his praise of the patient. He proposed a new development called «Seamless blepharoplasty», which is why the doctor is becoming more and more popular and in demand.

6th place – Grigoryants Vladislav Semenovich

Grigoryants Vladislav Semenovich

In the field of rhinoplasty the surgeon is the leader, who first used the open rhinoplasty. His «aesthetic Center rhinocerology» not lacking in patients, which, in turn, do not skimp on the positive reviews.

5th place – Mikhailov Andrey

Mikhailov Andrey

The top five leaders of the rating of surgeons doctor, the same professional works with the face and the body. Perfecting your technique, paying special attention to security, it seeks to reduce rehabilitation period after complex operations.

4th place – Sergey Levin L.

Levin Sergey Lvovich

Know how to sell themselves and look great on the pages of glossy magazines, surgeon-blond (that adds to his charm in women’s eyes) never ceases to operate, not only in his country, but also successfully manages «the Aesthetic clinic of EMS». But feedback from patients is unreasonably small.

3rd place – Yakimets Valery G.

Yakimets Valery G.

This surgeon is respected even by opponents for professionalism in the operations breast augmentation and facelift. His «trick» — an endoscopic technique that provides the least traumatic consequences, combined with the comprehensive approach in operations on the face, in which each patient receives individual attention.

2nd place – Blokhin Sergey Nikolaevich

Blokhin Sergey Nikolaevich

Impeccable track record, years of experience, thanks to the patients for sensitivity and attentiveness. In addition, the surgeon offers to its operations of discount, but it is also an important factor that allows you to use his services to those who cannot afford the «star» surgeon.

1st place – Sergeev, Ilya Vyacheslavovich

Sergeev, Ilya Vyacheslavovich

A well-deserved first place in the ranking of surgeons is a professional and provides thousands of women a new bust that they will agree, is very important. And let for mammoplasty complications occur very rarely huge queues and appreciative feedback about the professionalism and sensitivity of the doctor ensured him a well-deserved first place.

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