The rating of spinning jig

The possibility of catching a predator in any environment attracts many fans of this exciting class. So, the rating of spinning jig (with undulating movements of the bait) will appeal to all fishermen.

The undisputed leader among producer countries was, is and will be America and Japan. But in recent years, it added, also South Korea, a component for them to compete with modern materials and good price.

1 St Croix

St croix Legend xtremeSt croix Legend xtreme

American manufacturer may not be state of the art design, but excellent technical characteristics. It is an absolute winner in the rating of spinning jig.

Legend Xtreme in 2012 won the title of best freshwater spinning reel. The product has a lifetime warranty, and the rods are picked by hand and are individually numbered.

The model consists of 6 dimensions fast action and is only suitable for jig. In the handle applied technique in which weak points can not be. Ergonomic solution of the fishing rod is arguably one of the best among peers. And if on cheaper models sometimes there are drawbacks in the form of deviation protivogololodnych of the rings, the «legend» that never really happened.

Price — from 19 thousand.

2 Graphiteleader

Graphiteleader vivo zGraphiteleader vivo

Japanese experts have created in the VIVO line of special fishing rods adapted for Russia with its tradition of fishing. The lineup includes 9 species (no ultra-light and super-heavy).

Structure form in moderately fast motion and under constant load becomes average. The handle is good as with the withdrawal and cutting. In itself it is very comfortable. Adapted to throw through the time (the link should be sharp and short), you will appreciate the perfect balance of the spinning.

The design of the rod is quite original — the bottom white and the top black. Ring on the steel legs are not erased, and their white winding allows to control the spinning even in the twilight. And all the fishermen say excellent sensitivity.

From 16 thousand rubles.

3 Talon

Delta TalonTalon Delta

Spinnings of this Japanese manufacturer are always elegant and stylish. New technologies and materials for full data used in fishing rods. Delta — a series of 7 models (up to moderate grade) individually, the build quality which is beyond praise.

This spinning pronounced ticinovic and jig orientation. With all the elegance of design they have a very large supply of power. Besides — a very good observation and sensitivity, but the casts need to learn to adapt.

Weaknesses irrelevant — handle with continuous tube looks bleak, reel seat with nutted a little outdated.

4 Major Craft

Major Craft RizerMajor Craft Rizer

Rizer is a large range (11 models) and dash for jig fishing. Comfortable handle made of cork, discreet design, powerful and balanced rod are the main advantages of this Japanese manufacturer.

Among the shortcomings: Alconite ring at this price would be more expensive, but light and short risers for a quality jig is not sensitive enough.

From 10 thousand

5 Shimano

Shimano game AR-CShimano Game AR-C

The Japanese rods have always been famous for products using that on purpose, you can achieve 100% result.

Series Game AR-C is famous for the biggest range of sizes, up to 4.1 meters. They are tests to 84 grams. 2-private handle used specifically for the jig. Prilovchivshis to design, fishermen not be torn away from comfortable fishing.

6 CD Rods Blue Rapid

CD rods blue rapidCD Rods Blue Rapid

Apart in our rating of the spinning jig is a new Zealand company. They produce composite forms, which are one-third more elastic than their counterparts in material. So even the long model will never turn into a whip. Refusing in the production of fiberglass, handle this company is known for its speed and ease.

The jig line is large — as much as 16 models (from 9 to 18 thousand rubles). The manufacturer is so confident in the quality that provides a lifetime warranty on all products. Each stick is individually numbered.

Lamiglas 7

Lamiglas Certified ProLamiglas Certified Pro

Well-known series Certified Pro produces more than 10 years and has different components depending on the country. Jig models have a special marking MT. Rods combine power and responsiveness, thus they perfectly fit into the hand.

Using blanks Lamiglas easy to achieve as visual sensitivity, and the hand.

Price from 19 thousand

8 Maximus

Maximus Fish BallMaximus Fish Pointon

The range of the South Korean manufacturer known for its Fish Pointon Microdrive models (with bait from 10 grams). Fishermen praise the good of a handle fast action and medium hardness. These spinning rods are in the ratio price-quality is best suited for beginners.

Maximus Black Widow — a wonderful spinning light class. It cast the tip will give the opportunity to feel the lightest touch of fish to the bait.

9 Black Hole

Black Hole HyperBlack Hole Hyper

Hyper — this model could be called the «Korean quality Chinese price of modern materials». Despite the budget price (from 5 thousand), working characteristics of this spinning reel is wonderful — just the rings are arranged with mathematical precision, fast action, and frost are not afraid of him.

A range of sizes, ideal for shore jig ranges from 2.7 to 3.2 meters.

10 Bass Pro

Shops Johnny Morris CarbonLite Casting RodShops Johnny Morris CarbonLite Casting Rod

Shops Johnny Morris CarbonLite Casting Rod — indestructible rod with an online store that is famous across America. Sometimes they produce their designs, and quite successfully. In this model, the forms used from the company Lamiglas — sensitive, high-quality and balanced. They have a huge power: double handling is not terrible. And all this at a price of 6 thousand rubles.

Disadvantage — not so easy to purchase on the Russian market.

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