The rating of sonar for fishing

The first sonar manufacturer Lowrance released, was positioned as a device that is used to scan the seabed, with the aim of identifying fish. Today’s market presents a variety of devices that are an indispensable companion of a fisherman. You can use them for both winter and summer fishing. We offer you a list of the most popular and effective devices, according to users. In the ranking of echo sounders for fishing, presents the device in a different price category.

1. Furuno FCV-587

User manual furuno fcv-587

In the first place he will appreciate a good screen and excellent visibility. The sounder not only good looks at the bottom, but also allows us to consider seen the owner of the device. It is equipped with two rays can determine the structure of DNA, the presence of fish and its size.

2. Garmin Echo 550c

Garmin Echo 550s

A well-known manufacturer offering a wide range of devices. This model users are allocated in a clear picture that conveys high-quality screen. Also Garmin Echo 550c pleasing image transmission in real time, a function of rewinding and remembering information.

3. HawkEye F33P

Sokolinoe eye F33P

In the ranking of echo sounders for fishing takes the place of the device intended for entry-level. With it, generally carry out fishing from the pier or shore. Of the useful capabilities of the sounder is isolated surveys of the seabed at a distance of 9 m. the Device has a powerful battery, so it can operate continuously for 30 hours.

4. Humminbird 360 Imaging

Humminbird 360 Image

A great choice for those who like to fish from a boat. Popular sounder due to the fact that they are able to read information at a distance of 45 m. To this end, manufacturers have equipped the device with a powerful sensor. Another plus is the quiet lowering of the sensor under water.

5. Lawrence Elite-7 HDI

Elite-7 HDI Lawrence

The main difference of this device is the presence of a GPS receiver and the ability to create your own maps. In addition, he has a great screen, which sends a quality picture of the bottom and live in the water fish.

6. Lawrence HDSGen2 Touch

Lawrence HDSGen2 Touch

The device is equipped with a touch display, which is easy to manage. The main advantage of the model is a three-dimensional image and the range equal to 200 m. the Sensor captures not only the front but also the side areas.

7. MarCum LX-9 Sonar/Camera

Marcum LX-9 Sonar/Cameri

In the rating of sonar for fishing, he comes in as the best device for catching fish from the ice. Built-in camera gives great quality image on the screen. Equipped with two beams and the ability to remember and show the previous record. A good sounder comes with: case, strong battery and charger.

8. Raymarine Dragonfly

Raymarine Grandmother

Applies to budget models. Despite the cost, the manufacturer has given the device a good screen, sensitive sensor. Due to this, the sounder transmits images of the seabed in real time and responds to any temperature changes. Thanks to the integrated GPS, you can at any time to see your location.

Experts advise when choosing a Fishfinder in the first place to focus on the quality of the image, and the screen does not have to be colored. It is better that the device had two rays and a small weight sensor.

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