The rating of showers

An increasing number of people prefer to install home is shower, not bath. And the place is saved, and «speed» hygiene in the shower much «higher» than in the bathroom. And speed today is of the essence.

And the size of the bathroom, even in new buildings, do not always give the possibility of comfortable accommodation of plumbing. A shower cabin saves space and gives space for a washing machine and other necessary furniture. Thus, the ranking of showers.

10th place – shower Am.Pm Bourgeois

AM.PM Bourgeois

It combines a steam bath with digital control and a Spa shower with jets, hand and rain shower. Used high quality acrylic, the design is generally stable. The cabin is equipped with shelves, a mirror, a radio which is different quality of reception. For minor faults, the cabin has too high a price.

9th place – shower cabin Jacuzzi Amea Twin Premium

shower cabin Jacuzzi Amea Twin Premium

In the ranking of showers Jacuzzi thanks to the superior combination of baths and shower cabins, hydromassage column and shower head. View gorgeous, but the price is not less chic, what prevented you to take a high place.

8th place – shower Luxus 023D

shower Luxus 023D

With stable structure, good quality and good equipment has a small size that allows to put the cabin in a small room. Budget option but to assemble it yourself quite difficult.

7th place – shower Luxus 532

shower Luxus 532

Deep pan and large size gives the possibility of placing together. In addition to fixtures for shower and massage, there is a speakerphone. On tinted glass are not visible stains. With European quality a year warranty that has not allowed this model to go to the showers above.

6th place – shower cabin RAVAK BLIX BLCP4

shower cabin RAVAK BLIX BLCP4

Easy cubicle with glass sliding doors in aluminium profile. Glass sheet a protective layer that protects it against stains. «Bells and whistles», as well as pan, which is sold separately. But inexpensive and high quality.

5th place – shower IFO Solid SKR

shower IFO Solid SKR

Swedish cabin with hydro massage, thermostat and upper mechanical shower has no visible seams, thus saved from the accumulation of dirt and moisture in them. Ten-year warranty and sleek design is very attractive.

4th place – shower Novitek Evelyn

shower Novitek Evelyn

A combination bath and shower, five positions of the mixer, the thermostat, the opportunity massage. Have the opportunity to take treatments together. High-quality, high price, but can be a lot of years to think about replacing the shower enclosure.

3rd place – shower LAGARD LYRA H


Multifunctional German cabin with high tray, where you can bathe kids, the ability to «make» a Turkish bath, ventilation, ozonation, radio, lights. At the electronic control is protected against turning it off. Has a Jacuzzi and rain shower. The high price is justified by high quality.

2nd place – shower cabin Albatros TO9 A900 MS

shower cabin Albatros TO9 A900 MS

Italian cabin with hydro and vertical massage jets, a rain shower, a seat, a tray made of white acrylic and transparent doors. In the ranking of showers fell due to high quality, pride of place prevented to take a high price.

1st place – shower cubicle Ido Showerama 8-5

shower cubicle Ido Showerama 8-5

The rating of showers is headed by a Finnish cabin with a rain shower and handheld showerhead. Doors: tempered glass in aluminium profile with high-quality seals. Glass can be frosted, tinted, patterned. Stable marble base and a choice of cabin size. Great quality, price justifies.

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