The rating of resorts of Russia

Pick up a sanatorium, a rest which would satisfy all the parameters, is not easy. After all, sometimes the high price quality of service is not confirmed. But this is a rating of sanatoria of Russia, that allows to choose the most appropriate option for travelers.

10th place – sanatorium «the Cedar» (children’s)


Although the sanatorium «Svetlana» is located in the town of Sosnogorsk (Komi Republic), surrounded by a forested area. Accepts children from 8 to 14 years of age, unaccompanied by parents. Profile – Pediatrics, orthopedics. Children will be provided with a five-single diet, range of treatments, sport and leisure activities.

9th place – sanatorium «Kuban» (children’s)


Located in the Krasnodar Krai, treatment can adults with children from 4 years. The therapeutic profile of widely – visual, cutaneous, endocrine diseases, gynaecology, diseases of the blood and nervous system, and others. In addition to diet nutrition, provides a menu to order and buffet. Next to the Black sea, mineral springs and silt sulphide mud.

8th place – sanatorium «bobrovnikovo village» (children’s)


Located in the Vologda region, can entertain adults and children from 7 years and up to 15 (without parents). Here treat digestive, nervous and musculoskeletal system, diseases of the hematopoietic and respiratory systems. In addition to diet, provided the a La carte menu. Mineral sources of sodium chloride baths, for drinking low-mineralized water.

7th place – sanatorium «Medical SPA resort «Lago-Naki»


Situated in the Adygea Republic in the foothills forest area, is low-mineralized springs and silt mud. Profile of the sanatorium – Allergology, urology, Pediatrics, gerontology, gynecology, General medicine. Diet supplemented with customized menu. There’s cryo-sauna, beauty parlor.

6th place – sanatorium «dawn» (children’s)


6 rating health resorts of Russia «don» (Voronezh), where they treat diseases of the respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, circulatory system and General therapeutic. Practice hardware physiotherapy, balneotherapy, mud baths, inhalations and therapy.

5th place – sanatorium «Glukhovskaya» (children’s)


For treatment for adults only, specializes in treatment and prevention of tuberculosis and diseases of the genitourinary system. Patients are offered the hardware physiotherapy, therapy, mud therapy. As a Supplement the treatment with koumiss and color therapy for psychological recovery.

4th place – sanatorium «Trooper» (airborne)

military sanatorium

For treatment it is possible to go with children from 4 years. It also helps in the treatment of musculoskeletal and nervous diseases of the organs of circulation and respiration. Patients can undergo SCENAR therapy, bioresonance, halo, manual therapy, reflexotherapy and thalassotherapy.

3rd place – Children’s health resort Vasilek

Children's health resort Vasilek

Treatment in this sanatorium can come both adults and children from 4 years. Climate of forest-steppe zone (Amur oblast), habrocerinae sodium mineral springs help in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, neurological diseases, ENT, gynecological and pediatric. Besides the standard treatments of the halo-and-mechano-therapy, terrenkur.

2nd place – FGU DTS «Kiritsy» Roszdrava


Here you can rest and heal children without parents, from 2 years to 14 years. The climate of the forest belt assists in the treatment of tuberculosis, in addition to the hardware and balneotherapy, mud applications, thermotherapy, inhalations, speleotherapy and reflex. Children will be provided diet and training.

1st place – sanatorium «Yangan-Tau» RB GUP


First place in the ranking of resorts of Russia, he took with complex medical procedures: hardware and balneotherapy, mud therapy, inhalation, naturotherapy and Ayurveda, geothermal treatments, hippotherapy, mechanical, meso, reflex, caving, thalassotherapy and health path. Accepts adults with four-year old children.

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