The rating of resorts of Crimea

Crimea at all times been known for its health resorts, and after the return of the Republic in the Russian Federation, interest in him has only grown. Now many go to relax and be treated there, and it’s not just. For all those who would like to improve their health in the warm climate, we ranked the resorts of Crimea.

Health resort


At the top of our list is situated the resort «the Resort», located in Evpatoria. Local weather can give you not only health, but also a lot of pleasant emotions. Given the fact that Evpatoria is among the best children’s resorts, this resort is designed to accommodate parents with children. The territory is closed, security at the highest level. Here take even the smallest patients, while it employs some of the best medical workers of Ukraine. Treatment is complex, and includes visiting many doctors, and treatments – from jets to laser therapy.

The dormitories are exactly two, there is also a building with canteen and medical facilities. Rooms not so long ago went through the process of reconstruction, each with a refrigerator and a bathroom. Meals are full Board, also in the resort has its own landscaped sandy beach. Due to the large number of facilities, this place could get a rating of hotels of Crimea.



It is a very romantic place, located at the foot of one of the most majestic mountains of the Crimea. Lots of sun, lovely sea air and good doctors – that’s what awaits those who got to this resort.

Treatments that are applied here, are varied. Used as a modern technology and experience, accumulated over many years. At the same time the sanatorium can accept up to 758 vacationers. Here are also waiting for visitors with children. Treatment for them is available with 4 years. There are different entertainment – animation for children and a games room. There is a private beach which is located 50 meters from the buildings. There is a restaurant serving a variety of dishes. A lot of places for HLS.



Located in the town of the same name, next to it is the lake of Saki. Important therapeutic factor is the local mud baths, and it has a significant effect on all without an exception of visitors. No wonder we included it in our rating, the health resorts of the Crimea allow to improve their health, but here it turns out to be much faster than anywhere else.

The rooms have all the amenities. In the health resort there is a beach, but the nearby sandy city, where there is good infrastructure. On the territory of the sanatorium there is a dining room, also has a gym.



It is a quiet place, located at a distance from Yalta. Multiple winner of various competitions, which is very attentive to the guests, and therefore, will fall in our ranking of resorts of Crimea. Here you can enjoy the silence, to forget about problems, to plunge into the atmosphere of calm. Beautiful sea and healthy air make this resort one of the best.

Here includes three meals a day and quality food, has its own pebble beach, which is only 100 meters. There is a good infrastructure, swimming pool, restaurant, the administration regularly organizes various competitions. We should also mention a bath complex here waiting for Hamam, Russian bath, Finnish sauna, etc.



This is another place that is located in Yevpatoriya. Here is one of the best mud of the Crimea, which is why it falls in our ranking of boarding houses of the Crimea. There are many benefits that will appeal to everyone that came for treatment. Reconstruction of buildings annually, each room has everything for a comfortable stay. Three meals a day and a private beach, equipped with canopies. There is a dining room, bar, sauna, gift shop, pool and even a library. For active guests there is a gym.

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