The rating of resorts Anapa

In the small town of Anapa many advantages. Moderately warm and humid climate similar to the Mediterranean, took the best from nature — forests, green valleys and bays that soften the summer heat.

Therefore resort town are so fond of vacationers. Our rating of the best hotels in Anapa will be acquainted with the most worthy and will assist in the choice of destinations.

Deauville 5*

The rating of resorts AnapaHealth Resort Deauville

No wonder the sanatorium named after a French resort. It embodies the best traditions of the Mediterranean — the perfect rest and relaxation for all family members. Guests are provided with first-class service with a SPA-hotel, in which one can treat health for all existing profiles.

Entire 4 pools, and a vacationer of any age will find them in the sea of entertainment, and the warm salt water in the treatment pond will invigorate and give strength.

As for adults so for the youngest visitors of birth in the list offers a variety of Wellness programs.

Riviera Club. Hotel SPA 4*

Resort Of The Riviera Club. Spa HotelResort Of The Riviera Club. Spa Hotel

Another chic in every sense of the institution, was awarded the title of «the Best 4* accommodation in your region». Fine body, great area for walking, a wide medical base (the main profile of which — allergic, musculoskeletal and nervous system) will help to strengthen the overall body and improve their health.

In the «Riviera» there are speleological chamber, and a juice bar, several types of sauna, its own sports ground and indoor swimming pool with massage.

Vintage Anapa 4*

The Starinnaya Anapa Health ResortThe Starinnaya Anapa Health Resort

Year-round resort on the first line (case starts at a distance of 50 meters from the city beach), is located in the heart of Anapa. Although the sanatorium will soon go in its ninth decade, the status and the General appearance of the resort is not affected. On the contrary — from the constant reconstructions of «Ancient Anapa» only prettier, and the last was just a few years ago.

Buildings are situated on the waterfront and within reach has it all — the pump room, Aqua and the city Park, the Museum-reserve and the many beach cafes. That is, you won’t be bored either day or night. And the Spa offers numerous SPA treatments, sauna, and excellent cuisine.

In the resort, two pools — indoor and outdoor (both with children sections), the use of which is included in the price.

You can come here even to infants, but to be treated take the children from 4 years.

Ural 4*

Sanatoriy UralSanatoriy Ural

A large area, 5 multi-storey buildings and a very developed infrastructure of the resort attracts large number of tourists from may to October.

Extensive medical base of «Ural» allows you to cure the gynecology, neurology, respiratory system, as well as urology and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Two on-site swimming pool with sea and fresh water, equipped with massage systems and water jets. To dive into them very comfortably with the steam room or sauna, services for which are already included in the price.

Aquamarine 4*

Sanatorium AquamarineSanatorium Aquamarine

Located on a hill of Vityazevo resort village, offering amazing views of the area. The style of the resort completely justifies the name — the blue gamma is present everywhere: in the design of the resort and the pool’s design.

Distance to the beach about 800 meters, but it is private and well maintained.

Guests are offered a variety of medical procedures to see which you can use on the website of the resort. The number they compete only with SPA treatments (among which there is even a wine bath and a bath Catherine).

Hope 4*

Sanatorium NadezhdaSanatorium Nadezhda

The sanatorium was erected in the center and gives the opportunity to relax and recuperate at the same time thousands of people. Despite the year of construction, 1939 all five buildings are modern, and the decoration of the rooms could not be better.

The highlight of the resort features an outdoor pool with an area more than 750 sq m with sea water.

Great diagnostic center will allow for early detection and then cure all the existing branches of the human body.

Greece 3*

Sanatorium ElladaSanatorium Ellada

Departmental health resort tax of Russia, the rest in which will be able to attend. All guests of «Hellas» celebrated the wonderful Spa treatment using the methods of regenerative medicine (vision correction). The beach at the resort — clean and well maintained.

Fountain 4 pools for every taste, 5 sports grounds (there is even a field for mini-Golf) — entertainment will find any vacationer.

Anapa-Ocean 3*

The Sanatorium Anapa-OceanThe Sanatorium Anapa-Ocean

Beautiful Spa building is visible from everywhere in Budapest, and within it the balcony offers gorgeous views of the surrounding city.

The beach is very close, and the walks can be done as on the waterfront and the lighthouse.

Medical center «Anapa — Ocean» with the capabilities of the clinic allows for a complete examination, to adjust the figure in the Wellness centre and lead to the perfection of face and body SPA.

D-Beam 3*

Sanatorium D-BeamSanatorium D-Beam

Sanatorium-survivor, successfully uses the priceless experience of sanatorium-resort treatment of children and adults — it has water and mud baths, beauty center, and 3 hall of therapeutic physical training.

In the record of the resorts many awards for service and quality treatment. Can be tested in one day, and then to receive qualified treatment.

Children up to 2 years can stay for free, and after 2 they will be given the full treatment.


The Spa Hotel FairyThe Spa Hotel Fairy

This whole trio of hotels located in the village of Dzhemete, different distance from the sea. Customers can choose where they prefer — in a quiet house with children (Fairy-1), not far from the conference hall and the restaurant (Fairy-3) or next to a beautiful Park (Fairy 2).

In the sea of entertainment in the landscaped area (there is even a small chapel) in the resort, a good medical base, which is on the «Fairy-2». And all this at very reasonable prices.

Our ranking of the best sanatoriums of Anapa proves that the main competitor of Sochi has plenty to offer guests of the resort.

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