The rating of productivity of processors

CPU if to say briefly, without going into the details of that «brain» of any modern electronic device. Currently, you can find the different processor types and classes, ranging from the simplest mobile devices to huge servers, but our current performance rating of the processors placed the best processors for personal computers. Start with the end.

AMD 5150

It is a decent processor, released by AMD. If you are looking for a decent budget option, then this is what you need. Four cores with capacity from 1,6 to 2 GHz (depends on audit), the second level cache 2048 KB. AMD 5150 supports integrated graphics and virtualization processes. And everything is based on 28 nm technology.

AMD FX-6350

The device is not referred to the budget, but there are reasons. And it’s six cores, good clock frequency in the range of 3500 – 4100 GHz. Also here are the L3 and L2 cache 4096 kilobyte. The basis – 32 nm process technology. The processor is powerful enough, and therefore requires high-quality cooling device.

Intel i5-2300

Pretty good «rock» from the mid-market with the following characteristics: capacity of 2.8 GHz, the amount of L2 1024 KB, L3 6144 KB have. The basis – 32 nm technology. With a personal graphics core and integrated memory controller.

AMD FX-9370

Quite expensive, but powerful processor with excellent filling eight cores, 4.7 GHz clock frequency and 8192 Kbytes of cache. Really powerful stuff, and therefore requires cooling.

Intel i7-3770

Powerful copy published companies Intellig. Solid specifications together with a considerable overclocking potential will appeal to many. So, the base Intel i7-3770 – Quad core with a clock frequency of 3400 MHz and each cache to 9216 kbps. Heating of the chip in idle not more than 40 degrees, but with increasing frequency the temperature rises to 80 degrees.

Intel Q6600

Second name Intel Core 2 Quad. This version of the famous Core 2 Duo, but is equipped with four cores. The basis is still the same sixty-five nanometer process technology. Although morally processor is already outdated, but quite relevant – 2400 gigahertz clock frequency, cache 8 256 KB (on the first level there are only 64 KB). The family of chips Intel have an excellent reputation and work in an office technique and PC gaming.

AMD FX-4130

Another member of the AMD FX, which appeared in the ranking of the best. According to consumer testimonials this Quad-core model, clock frequency which is equal to 3800 MHz and the shared cache 4096 KB «perfectly well» to cope with even the most modern games.

And here is the Golden trio.

Intel i5-4570

«Stone» has the following characteristics – four cores with a capacity of 3200 GHz each, the first-level cache 1024 KB 6144 KB a second. The based – on 22 nm technology. Not without integrated graphics and memory controller. In short, the fourth generation of Intel processors – that is positioned the device manufacturer.

AMD FX-8320

Main rival Intel, AMD is almost on the heels, increasing capacity. FX-8320 has eight cores with a clock frequency of 3.5 GHz, and the cache of the first and second-level 8192 KB each. Add to this the memory controller and get a powerful chip to be the expected flaw – overheating.

Intel i5-4670K

And, after all, first place was taken by Intel. Features good four cores, the source clock of 3.4 GHz and a decent cache sizes, 1024 KB 6144 KB respectively. And it would seem no significant difference from its counterpart, located on the honorable third place is not, but this chip has a considerable overclocking potential. This tells us the letter «K» lonely huddled in the end. Some craftsmen manage to overclock the CPU to 4.3 GHz record.

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