The rating of national teams on hockey

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in our country. Probably, many interested in that, at what point in the rankings is now the Russian national team and who opposes her.


The rating of national teams on hockey expects the organization of the IIHF, the place depends on the last performances at the Olympic games and world Championships. At the moment Russia is in second place in the rankings. On the first…



The legendary ancestor of hockey is in first place in the ranking of hockey teams in the world. Team until 1954 openly dominated on the international stage – until the moment when it appeared the team of the Soviet Union. However, after that time it remained one of the strongest, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union again occupied the dominant position. For it was made by famous players Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky. First – francecanada, suffered from diseases of the spine, but came out on the ice and has shown excellent results, the second – best player in the National Hockey League for all time. The team consists of the strongest players in the world that she successfully proved in recent meetings with the Russian team at the Olympics the world Cup 2010 and 2015, ending the confrontation with the devastating account.



The second place is taken by our team. The heiress of the legendary «red machine» and to this day shows good hockey. It would seem that every year it will feature the best hockey players on the planet, able to show a mind-blowing hockey and winning the world Championships come in regularly – but do not regularly mechanism has failed. When you lose players not only famous rivals, there are quite disappointing defeats – for example, the 2014 championship may 9, the team lost to the French. Despite all this, the Russian team is considered to be one of the strongest, and among the best NHL players there are Russians. Unfortunately, Russia, despite its high place in the ranking of countries in hockey, may not boast Olympic medals.



In third place the Swedish national team is another team that has long occupied a leading position. Tre Kronor » – one of the most stable teams, which regularly wins prizes in various competitions. It is noteworthy that the stable high result, the team took prize-winning places is relatively rare. Twice the Swedes were Champions of the Olympic games. The symbolism of the three crowns is familiar to all hockey fans, you know they style of play of these athletic Scandinavians.



The team settled for a fourth place ranking. While the first three representatives of the list are among the strongest for a long time, Finns have long been the underdog. In the second half of the twentieth century they managed with great difficulty to break in the middle, but before the medals far. At the moment their team is a double champion of the world. First prize at the Olympic games they managed to win only in 1988, in a difficult struggle they have ahead of almost all enemies to win they managed in General everyone, including even the Champions of the USSR. The point is, at that time, the playoffs were still absent, and the Soviet hockey players who have won seven matches in a row and secured the win in the tournament, had special motivation that led to the defeat of the Finns. Since the 90-ies began a sharp rise upward, and Finland in the ranking of countries according to the hockey quickly entered the top ten. For this they should thank and Soviet players after the collapse of the Union, some of them went to train Finnish players. The Finns now play nicely while competing with the leading teams of the world.

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