The rating of national teams FIFA

The rating of national teams FIFA is system of placing teams that are in this Federation on their gaming merits for a certain period of time. Introduced it in 1993, thus, it is possible to evaluate the strength of football teams. Ranking points depend on the performances of the teams over the past 4 years. The better she performed, the higher place in the rating. For the conduct of each official game between the teams, the team will earn points according to the rules. So, today the rating of national teams FIFA looks like this:

1st place – Germany


Supervises and manages the team of the German football Association that is a member of a member of FIFA and UEFA.

Today’s Germany is a follower of the German national team, there was the GDR team and the team of the Saar, which was controlled separately.

The Germans were one of the first we could make a «Golden double»: in 1972 they conquered Europe. The first world Cup national team captain, lifted two years later.

2nd place – Argentina


A team of professional players representing the country in the matches of international level. Argentina can be attributed to the brightest and most successful teams in modern football. No matter what competition the favorite of Latinos did not participate, you can always see it among the winners.

If you try to remember the best strikers, of course, come to mind, Argentinian Diego Maradona and Gabriel Batistuta.

For the first time the Argentine national team took part in the world Cup in 1930.

Argentine players have twice been awarded gold medals; one was obtained in 1978 and the second in 1986. For first medal, they fought with the Dutch athletes, and for the second – with the German team.

Composed mainly of the Argentine national team stars of world level, most of the stand out Midfielders and forwards. Unfortunately, over the last 20 years, the world stars fly almost immediately after the release of the team.

3rd place – Colombia


The «Golden period» of the Colombian national team begins with the 33rd America’s Cup in 1987, «Cafeteros» hit the top three. The country crumbled talents that are remembered as the leaders of team Colombia: rené Higuita, Carlos Valderrama, Leonel Alvarez, and others. Their merits the team owes outstanding coach Francisco Maturana. Under his leadership, the team brilliantly won the 2001 Copa America. In 1994, the management team went to the former well-known football player, and now great in wide circles coach Hernan Dario Gomez. His work was noted by all experts: the team qualified for the world Cup in France.

4th place – Belgium


Directs and controls the national team of Belgium Royal Belgian football Federation. It is considered one of the oldest teams in Europe take part in all tournaments of the twentieth century.

Famous players of the Belgian team: Eden hazard, Thomas Vermaelen, Toby Alderweireld, Marc Wilmots, Thomas boeffel, Anthony Vanden Borre. Too many to mention.

5th place – Holland


The Dutch team, for anybody not a secret that one of the best teams in the world, although the constant setbacks, the defeat against Spain at the 2010 world Cup are constantly stalking them. 3 times «orange team reached the final of the world Cup and all three ended in defeats (1974,1978,2010), but there is one victory of the championship. The team of the Netherlands is very challenging, because almost all the players – young players who are noticed only because of the 2014 world Cup. The history of the team starts with the first match in 1905, followed by two bronze medals at the Olympic games 1908 and 1912, thus the Netherlands immediately able to usurp leadership in world football. After the 2nd World war most of the players went to play for clubs from abroad, for which he paid with his dismissal from the team.

In the composition of all national teams is at least a world-class player, which itself would like to have every club in Europe. Germany is rich in talents which are just offensive: Gotze, Reus, Ozil, Shurle and eternally promising, However. The goalkeeper of Germans, Neuer doesn’t even comment.

Stars of the Argentine national team, every child knows. Messi , Di Maria and Mascherano on everyone’s lips. And it should say that on young talent while Hispanics very rich.

For the General public in the same Colombia is only one world class star and, of course, is Radamel Falcao, who moved in the summer to Manchester United for a lot of money.

Belgium can now be compared with a factory of young players. One, De Bruyne is worth? And while all have established players like Fellaini and Lukaku, the strongest team in its history.

To discuss the football team of the Netherlands can be very long, but special attention should be paid to three persons. Robben – football player whose career got a second wind, van Percy – forever young and driven forward, and also already a bit older, but still stable Wesley Sneijder. Around these players and build new team with Deaem, Blind and others.

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