The rating of motor oil

When the question arises about what to pour into the engine, our rating of motor oil will help not to be mistaken with the good quality. To your attention the rating of motor oil

1 Castrol

The English winner of the rating of motor oils. It’s a premium product, no wonder the mechanics used during the competition, the Formula 1 race (only with the help received more than 20 victories). Castrol produces both synthetic and mineral oil, and the main advantage of this brand is the lack of the slightest impurities.


2 Shell HELIX

The group of synthetic oils extra virgin in the consumer market for over 100 years. Use a large range of detergent additives. So the walls of the motor well protected from the soot and remain clean. Using these oils can reduce fuel consumption, the load on the motor and the noise level. Produce products for all types of engines (turbo and diesel), environmentally friendly and chlorine-free. The service life of oils is long and the resistance to oxidation is high.

Shell Helix

3 Exxon Mobil

High-tech brand of synthetic lubricants for highway and off-road vehicles. They are used in Motorsport, where, as you know, efficiency is in the first place. Manufacturers set the task to work in any climatic conditions successfully performs the Delvac line of products, which chose for itself the world’s largest manufacturers of engines for trucks. And high quality basics and unique additives can maintain the required viscosity at the temperature of 35 to 200 degrees.



Not far behind, and the Ukrainian group with a huge range of complex synthetic oils for the car (about 250 titles). Lubricants are available in a metal tube, which is able to prevent forgery. Their main development — revitalizant, which is able to protect and restore all nodes and mechanisms of a vehicle with the simple addition of this additive.



Korean holding company offers more than 20 types of different synthetic base oils suitable for use all year round. One of the main advantages — resistance to low temperatures and ideal viscosity. The quality of materials is constantly improving thanks to the introduction of new technologies and equipment modernization.



Russian manufacturer of about 230 items of products. Their mineral multigrade oil with synthetic components capable of protecting the engine and preventing deposits on its parts — after hundreds of miles the engine will be like new.


The rating of motor oil aims to tell the drivers that is — the proper means that will prolong life and will not bring down the «heart machine» motor. But you need to remember the main rules — the oil must first be designed for your machine and not to be fake well-known brands. And all the indicators and requirements are in the instructions to the car.

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