The rating of Moscow restaurants

Want to choose the best restaurant? We can help you with this – restaurants rating of Moscow based on the feedback of visitors, will allow you to find a place for everyone.

Rake (Tsvetnoy Boulevard)


The location of this restaurant largely determines the character of the interior. Opening the door, you will find yourself in the greenhouse, in the style of art Nouveau. Where else in the middle of the bustling metropolis you’ll be able to be in an atmosphere of relaxation prevails except on the sea coast.

In General, the appearance of the restaurant is strongly reminiscent of a summer cafe, located on the street. This contributes to the carefully designed interior, where every detail is in its place.

And the main line in the interior defines a historic building of the capital, which once, at the beginning of the last century, was the first circus! In fact, this is a restaurant in the arena. The owners of the place decorated by antique French posters, theatre tables. A checkerboard floor, Harlequins – all these are integral characters of the circus.

The area of the restaurant approaches a thousand square meters.

Many probably already managed to visit the restaurant chain «Rake» and I know how different they are to each other – neither in style nor in the image. In any case, whichever of the restaurants of this network you visit, you can be sure that the quality and level of service here really stands out. The restaurant offers its guests a choice of more than two hundred different dishes for cooking which you can watch in person.

AQ Kitchen

And the kitchen

In this menu are cuisines from different countries. Among them:

  • Lebanese salad
  • Mediterranean ear
  • Sirloin ox
  • Warm brownie with sorbet of cactus

After visiting here, be sure to order a snack set, which includes a refreshing silky gazpacho, salmon tartare, choucroute garnie veal sausages, bruschetta with roast beef.

In the evenings, this place can’t find a free table – the atmosphere is fun and the noise. The interior of the restaurant had a hand Natalia Belonogova, the one who had a hand in the creation of images of many restaurants, including «Drive» and Pinch. Paying tribute to her design talent, it should be recognized that in her works she not repeated. For AQ Kitchen Natalia brought a tree that once grew in Vyshniy volochëk. The wood has absorbed the spirit of the village, full of rain and light. Along the perimeter of the restaurant are mismatched chairs, in the sink that was born out of the construction when washed their boots with the builders, and now wash handle delicate spoiled young ladies. In General a kind that it would like to review and consider



It is brutal and features an antique cast-iron, the last cycle of restoration works, American stoves, restaurant. And all meals can be enjoyed in this institution are made on an open fire, divorced on wood and coal. This is why the dishes prepared this way have a special flavor. For this Ember and got into our rating «Best restaurants of Moscow».

In the late 19th century, this pizza oven was the centre of any home, hotels, saloons. They were used not only when preparing food – they gave warmth. Most often they were given names and were given a completely unique design. When mankind switched to gas and electricity that have become unnecessary furnace thousands were thrown out to the margins, many of them were melted for the army.

The owners of the restaurant refused the frills and chose to turn to the naturalness, the only way to distinguish hot and soul restaurant is its kitchen.

In the dark?!

in the dark

A newcomer to the ranking of the best restaurants of Moscow, judging by the reviews it’s dark, cozy and very tasty food. Most visitors are attracted here by the opportunity to live differently, to go against the conventional order. This brand new sensory experience. Here nothing distracts from the interlocutor – here, listen and enjoy socializing, eating and resting. Dinner in the dark lasts about two hours – professional and attentive waiters, had no opportunity to see service to such visitors.

Via Romano

Via Romano

Near the Belorusskaya metro station is a facility that offers its guests meals of Japanese and Italian cuisines. In the menu you will find: salads and appetizers, pasta and soups, risotto, side dishes, desserts, sushi rolls, Inari, sashimi, etc. everything else is an extensive wine list and soft drinks.

It is convenient to mark a big occasion – it can comfortably accommodate a company consisting of hundreds of people. The table can be ordered through the website and by phone.

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