The rating of MFIs

Microfinance institutions, compared to banks, a more attractive environment for investment, and to obtain a loan from them is much easier and simpler. So many people are turning to them for help. Our rating MFIs, the most profitable and reliable in Russia, based on data from recruitment agencies an Expert who performs the most accurate predictions.

1 GK bystroden’gi

CC bystroden'giGK bystroden’gi

The company has the highest level of reliability (A++), so Bystrodengi in the first place in our rating of MFIs. Confirming capacity to pay, upon presentation of a registration document and proof of employment in the same region as the branch, you become the owner of an amount from one thousand to 16 thousand. rubles, back you should period from a week to 16 days. Rate of 2% per day. The only credited age — 21 years.

2 Moneyman


A high level of reliability. In this MFI high interest rate — 1.5% per day. But the kinds of issue a lot: you can receive the money electronically, via the Yandex-money or the Contact, and not just on the map. Very quickly solved the issue and for the first time, you can get a maximum of 50 thousand, as in later times. Documents should be at least, and all actions easy to carry out via the Internet.

3 AO Guarantor

At the SuretyAO Guarantor

That MFIs with a high level of reliability exists for more than 3 years and during that time only strengthened its position in the market. AO Guarantor created to support entrepreneurship in the Penza region. The interest rate starts from 8.5% per annum, for a period of not more than a year.

4 requirements: completed higher education

Requirements: completed higher educationRequirements: completed higher education

Another MFI with a high level of reliability, the existing more than 4 years. To obtain a loan need only a passport and you can become the owner of the sum to 30 thousand roubles for the term up to 16 days. And it can be done in the office and on the Internet. And the deadline of the application is only a quarter of an hour.

Of the shortcomings — the rate is 2% per day.

5 Mili


Stable MFI, which was confirmed in August 2016. Here the identification of a person of 18 years is on the passport and the social network account. And through your personal account are all actions — repaid loans and serving new applications.

Loan amount — 3tys. rubles and the rate is also 2% per day.

6, OOO, Brio Finans

6, OOO, Brio FinansOOO, Brio Finans

A company with a high level of reliability, created to support small and medium enterprises. Makes loans to legal entities only, but also to brokers and organizations. In just one hour the issue the customer with a minimum package of documents.

7 OOO Home money

OOO Home moneyOOO Home money

A company with a high level of reliability that has existed since 2007, but with a negative Outlook from RA » Expert on the future. They have the best percentage of 0.5 per day (up to 65 weeks), and the money is delivered by courier to home (for very busy and those who do not want to pay a Commission).

The loan amount starts from 30 thousand rubles, and with the fifth loan, you can become the owner of 100 thousand. But reiterated the rate will be higher — 0.8 percent. The borrower’s age the most democratic, from 18 to 65 years, and apart from a passport, no reference is not necessary.

8, OOO instant loan

TOV the Moment the loanMiG, OOO loan

The company has a reliability rating that does not prevent it to exist in the credit market for 4 years. In «MiG credit» does not even need to get a card — the money will be given in the office of the company, Contact the Leader and also a debit account.

The company offers two types of loans. The first (10 thousand) should pay off in a month. A large amount (up to six months) — equal payments several times a month.

The percentage of small — 0,78 a day, but the first time you give a total of 30 thousand, in the future this amount will increase to 80 thousand Maximum sentence of almost six months. The issue is solved within the hour, and for the identification of the person only need a passport.

9, OOO Zaimo

Comrade SimoOOO, Simo

Company with no reliability rating. This MFI does everything via the Internet, starting with application and ending with issuing money. But the procedure takes no more than a day. QIWI wallet account and Bank card are the main ways of obtaining cash.

The company one of the largest rates of 1.8%. Issue a positive decision is determined in a few minutes, and you become the owner of 20 thousand rubles, the payment of which should be within a month.

In the subsequent treatment of the increased amount of money is decided on an individual basis. Need only a passport and a Russian registration.

10 E-loan


They are not the highest bid among the other MFIs of 1.5% per day, which is 45% per month. Minimum requirements: you will be issued the loan in a few minutes (10 thousand) which upon further treatment will increase to 30 thousand And the issuance process is carried out through the Kiwi purse and the Contact.

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