The rating of leasing companies

This article is dedicated to the rating of leasing companies, will speak about the most reliable organizations that have head offices not only in Moscow but also in other major cities such as Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other relevant territorial actors.


WEB leasing

For more than seven years in Vnesheconombank Group is part of the company. Nowadays, this organization is 100% owned by Vnesheconombank. Taking a leading place in the rating of leasing companies in 2009, VEB-leasing holds the first place today. This is a major player in such industries as rail transport, sea and river vessels, aircraft, motor vehicles and equipment used in the mining industry.

There are now about eight dozen of offices located in most significant cities of Russia. The significance of this leasing company is hard to overestimate: here support small and medium-sized businesses in matters relating to the financial side of things, attributable to the acquisition of motor transport and special equipment.

The company, due to the failure of assessing the financial condition of the borrower and significantly reduce the amount of necessary papers, can actually provide needed services for the owner of any rank.

OJSC VTB Leasing

OJSC VTB Leasing

A dozen years have passed since the founding of the following nominees of rating of leasing companies. It is a universal organisation with the authorised capital of a little less than 15 billion rubles. The sole shareholder of VTB Leasing is the same Bank. Across the country there are several regional offices, they can also be found in neighboring countries such as Belarus and Ukraine.

The main areas of work of the organization are the railway, ships floating on the air and sea space, special equipment, vehicles, real estate.

Sberbank Leasing

Sberbank Leasing

Their services on the leasing market, the company provides for more than twenty years. The full and sole owner of 100% of shares is Sberbank of Russia.

The organization, working in the field of financing projects in the real sector of the economy, actively contributes to the renewal, modernization and growth of fixed assets of companies registered on the territory of Russia. The company may apply as a representative of small/medium businesses and large dealers. In addition to conducting standard transactions leasing of motor vehicles, liquid equipment, machinery used in construction, and special machines is engaged in the financing of large complex leasing projects in any industry.

The company’s accounts more than six dozen regional offices not only in major Russian cities, but also in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine.



State transport company started operating in the early 21st century, an initiator and direct participant of this event was FSUE HZ. Participated in the formation of the company, Sberbank, TransCreditBank, SMP Bank.

The company, which holds a high place in this rating, provides a range of services in the field of machinery and equipment for vehicles of any type, whether freight or passenger cars, equipment for aviation, rail transportation, water vessels and equipment for the ports (both air and sea).

About six years the company has been active in the field of public tasks to upgrade a fleet of Russian enterprises. Established contacts with the Ministry of transport and Rosavtodor (Federal road Agency).

Gazprombank Leasing

Gazprombank Leasing

The rating of leasing companies of Moscow is a closed joint stock company, formed more than twelve years ago. It is a subsidiary of OJSC «Gazprombank».

The organization is universal for any type of property of interest in the leasing sector, will not prevent the Gazprombank Leasing. The activity of this company is carried out through the offices of Gazprombank.

Five years ago, the company was awarded the highest level of financial strength (a+rating).

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