The rating of hotels in Hurghada

Hurghada is a tourist center, a city located on the Western coast of the red sea. From the capital of Egypt is Cairo, it is separated by five hundred kilometers. This is one of the favorite places of pilgrimage for tourists. Visitors here are waiting for affordable prices, the atmosphere and exciting opportunity to enjoy the underwater world 12 months a year. This resort has over two hundred hotels, among which we can find in economy and elite class. To help you make your choice, we offer you the rating of the hotels of Hurghada.



This four-star hotel opened six years ago, you can find it on the way to Safaga, passing along the red sea coast. The centre of Hurghada is thirteen km away. it will appeal to fans of water slides, pools. Great place for family holidays. For your children there is a Playground and a special room. In addition, there are many sports and social activities.

The hotel offers a cot and highchair in the restaurant.

Jungle Aqua Park is one of the representatives of the network Albatros. He is a two-storey building, which houses the main office, and numerous single and double storey chalets. Only here there are about 700 rooms. Settled in any of them, you can count on the presence of soul, Hairdryer, mini-bar, air conditioning, television, telephone, balcony (terrace).

As a guest of the hotel, you will be able to learn the science of scuba diving, all necessary equipment can be rented (of course, have to pay a certain amount).

The type of food on the principle of » all inclusive. For lovers of shopping there are several shops located right on site.



Following the rating of hotels of Egypt located in Hurghada, there is a four-star hotel located 20 kilometers from the city centre. Here you will find a huge number of restaurants and entertainment venues, United by the mysterious name of «Thousand and one nights.» During your stay at the hotel, you will be surrounded by two-storey buildings form a plurality of inner courtyards, it turns out, the visual image of an Oriental Palace.

The hotel offers single, double, triple rooms, each of which is equipped cable TV (for those who want to hear the TV in the Russian language there are several channels that broadcast in their native language), telephone, mini-bar (for which you will have to pay extra), air conditioning, you can also stay in a room with a balcony or terrace (not all rooms).

Half a kilometre away is a sandy beach, Dana Beach, after which you can plunge into the water pools, which are heated in winter time. For gourmets there are 5 restaurants as well as sauna, massage, Jacuzzi.



This five star hotel will allow you to escape from the usual monotony of everyday life in an exotic, cozy town on the coast of the red sea. To arrive here you must overcome the path of 20 kilometers from Hurghada. Here you will find blue water, framed by the luxury of swaying palms, unspoiled beauty of sandy beaches.

Citadel Azur Resort offers its customers more than half a kilometer-long spit of sandy beaches, which has two natural salt-water lagoon, a coral reef. It is difficult to find a place more suitable for water sports and exploring by watercraft. Here you can comfortably stay in one of seven bars, enjoy the outdoor Jacuzzi, steam room, massage treatments and Spa.



This hotel is located 28 kilometres from Hurghada, it is situated on the first beach line. Arriving here, you will see a five-storey building is the centre, and a couple of such heights of the buildings. Everything here has 236 guest rooms, each including mini bar, bathroom, Hairdryer, TV, safe, telephone with direct dialling, Internet connection, balcony (terrace).

The hotel is not in vain is the rating of the best hotels Hurghada, there are animated presentation, you can break away in the disco, try your luck at the casino and engage in the wellbeing in the Wellness centre. After an active day guests can relax during the evening entertainment shows.

On site there are several shops where you can pay with a credit card.

When you go to a private, nearby beach, don’t forget to use special shoes.



It is possible that the hotel you friend, when he bore the name of Sofitel Hurghada. He, as before, is 12 kilometres away from Hurghada and is located on the shore of the red sea. In 12 three-story buildings are a little more than three hundred guestrooms, each:

  • phone;
  • TV
  • mini-bar;
  • bathroom (shower);
  • air conditioning with individual control;
  • safe;
  • refrigerator.

In the hotel you can come not only with the whole family (for children offers Babysitting, a Playground, a proper menu and a mini-club, in which you can walk in age from 4 to 12 years), but also to conduct business negotiations, banquets and holidays. Guests can pay by credit card.

For entertainment purposes there is a variety of water attractions. On the territory of the hotel and on the coast, you will find a large range of sporting activities in which to participate personally and as a team.

The surrounding area is home to many shops and a library is functioning. For those who are accustomed to travel on wheels, a car rental.



For more than a decade functioning in this five-star hotel, located in the vast territory. Perhaps, in the whole of Hurghada is not to find a similar institution that operates on the system «Ultra all inclusive». It is located on the shores of the red sea, to reach it you will have to overcome ten kilometers from the airport or 15 from Hurghada.

This hotel consists of several two-storey buildings, which is about 450 rooms for guests and visitors. Large part is reserved for the standard rooms, which can move the company up to four people (total area 45 m2). One tenth of the rooms reserved for family apartments, provided that the occupancy up to five people. The total area of this room is 60 m2, it has living room, bathroom, bedroom and interior doors. And ten suites, rooms with an area up to 90 m2. This may possess a maximum of 6 people, the service call will be two bedrooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen.

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