The rating of gas-fired boilers

From time to time consumers buy a new boiler for heating their premises. Everyone dreams about making the choice fell on such a device, the lifetime of which will be as long as possible, the cost will be quite low. Before going to shop, most customers look to the rating of gas boilers, which is made by users of its products.

5th place – Ariston


The top five was the brand Ariston, which was known for the manufacture of wall-mounted equipment. The company’s inherent compactness, simplicity and respectability. To date, almost all the models of this company come with LCD display which displays all current and faulty settings. This element allows time to repair and reconfigure the device on your own, without professional assistance at a critical stage.

4th place – Ferrolli


Known in Russia company Ferrolli took fourth place. Started operations in 1991 and today occupies a leading position among companies producing equipment for heating. In Europe, there are 8 factories, which produces equipment that is distinguished by its small size and high quality, which is confirmed by the ISO certificate.

3rd place – Dakon


A well-deserved third place in the rating of gas boilers has received the manufacturer of Dakon. It’s a Czech firm, in which the complete set of equipment includes the sites of leading manufacturers from the West. In Russia, the company is not as well known as beyond, but already it occupies a leading position. Today the range is quite diverse and large.

The price and quality of gas boilers Dakon firm will please users. All products created in accordance with all international standards.

2nd place – Wolf


The second place of the rating took the boilers of the company Wolf. They do not lag behind German manufacturer of Valiant group. On the world market the manufacturer’s products is not such a long time as the predecessor, but has already established itself as works flawlessly and is easy to maintain and operate. The company’s products have level is much higher if we compare it with analogs, exhibited to the world market.

The equipment works on liquid fuel or natural gas and design features, which are endowed with equipment, allow you to select the model Wolf among competitors.

The way the automation allows to significantly save on fuel costs and enable the device in the moment when this becomes necessary.

1st place — Vaillant Group

Vaillant Group

First place is occupied by the boilers of the company Vaillant Group. It is the leader in sales, which is manufactured by the German concern of Valiant group. The technique of this company in the global market has more than half a century. All models of the company are available a cost, which greatly facilitates the purchase for many. The most popular series of boilers today are: MAX Atmo Turbo MAX. From the very beginning of the company they have gained the trust of many customers.

The rating of gas-fired boilers will depend on the place where they will be used. Boilers with open combustion chamber are more suitable for cottages, and with the closed chamber for apartments where there is no chimney.

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