The rating of gas boards

In our country the majority of Russians cooks the food and heats the house using natural gas. During operation of the gas stove become obsolete, are replaced appliances, has advanced features and a modern appearance. Production of gas stoves are not only famous brands but also less well-known by their colleagues. Today you will learn about the most popular models. I hope that the rating of gas stoves will help you to purchase a household assistant.


So, the most important technical characteristics that they should concentrate. Required gas monitoring system which aims to avoid any leakage of the natural resource. If the flame for any reason goes out, the Gas Control system at the same moment blocking the flow of gas. Better option when the system will be extended to the burners and the oven, not on one or the other.

The second useful feature is the system of electric ignition. The relevance of this feature increases with the presence in the house small children – in this case, you do not need to keep matches and lighters. Safety in the home – above all! Want to light the burner – just turn the knob and click, in case your gas stove with automatic ignition, then the button press is not necessary.

Going to the store for a new gas stove don’t forget to take your measurements to home appliances could be in the allotted space and not ruin the harmony of the interior, it is necessary to consider its dimensions.

The budget model presented in the rating of gas boards a few brands that managed to get popular.



This appliances produced in Belarus. Gas stoves belonging to this brand is not only affordable, but are renowned for their reliability. Caring hostesses will appreciate a pleasant, classics, design. It is worth noting functionality.

Brest PG 3200-08 K 79

Brest PG 3200-08 K 79

The next participant of the rating of gas boards are not inferior in quality to its competitors. This is a budget option that will please non-standard color variety.

WE Gorenje GN 470

GN 470 we Gorenje

This model captivates with its classic shape and standard dimensions, which allow it to fit into any size kitchen. Enamelled cooking surface makes it easy to care for home appliances. Oven, with a capacity of fifty litres, runs on gas. Care simple due to the fact that the inside of the oven is covered with special self-cleaning coating. The only downside is the lack of options of heating modes.



Choosing affordable high quality model, don’t want to miss the appliances of this manufacturer. In the price range up to eight thousand rubles, you can choose a good model, equipped with enameled grates and the same finish spacious (53 liters) oven. Plus, the appliances are two of the baking tray. There is also an additional storage compartment for utensils and can not please the ability to adjust the height of the gas stove – adjustable legs allow you to do this quite easily.

Hansa FCGW 51003 Integra

І Hansa FCGW 51003 Integrates z

In the same price range is the next participant of the rating of gas stoves, it is the quality in no way inferior to others. Oven this item of home appliances is quite roomy, it is designed for fifty-eight liters. A nice addition is a list of recipes for oven doors. Have handy built-in system Cool front.

Beko CG 41001

BEKO CG 41001

You may be interested in this model, the hallmarks of which are high quality and mechanical ignition. Reasonable price will appreciate a caring owner.

Zanussi ZCG 55

Zanussi ZCG 55

Another affordable sample belongs to the Romanian household appliances manufacturing. Significant amounts of the oven (volume 61 liter) will allow to implement interesting culinary solutions. The plate is easy to care for – to keep clean thanks to a special coating becomes easy.

Now it is time to talk about the goods a higher price category. Now we will tell you about the most popular models, and to choose for yourself.

Bosch HGG 233127 R

Bosch HGG 233127 R

This gas stove is equipped with a spacious oven with a volume of sixty three liters, capable of operating in several modes – grill, bottom heat and grill. The model is equipped with a timer, an audible signal will alert on ready meals.

Electrolux EKG 951102 W

Electrolux EKG 951102 W

Gas stove of the 21st century, which has a number of positive features: convenience, attractive design, efficiency, efficiency. The surface of this AU pairs are covered with high quality enamel. Standard oven capacity 53 litres.



This manufacturer offers consumers a complete line of gas stoves, each of which corresponds to the General requirements – aesthetics, usability, functionality. A rich choice will help you choose exactly the model that will perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen.



The products of this company has long established itself as a reliable and available. Gas stove brand most focused on consumer interests over your finances you will receive a stable operating equipment. A good range is a guarantee that everyone will be able to choose a quality stove.

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