The rating of electronic payment systems

Electronic money becomes an essential part of everyday life. Use them to pay for various goods and services who buy tickets. Today there is a wide variety of payment systems, but not all are credible. To determine which ones are the best, the proposed e-payment systems.

5. PayPal


Included in the list, as the old payment system. The date of its Foundation is considered the year of 1998. Among the advantages of PayPal have a large variety of currencies. It contains 24 species. Its activity is observed in more than 190 countries. It’s the best system for purchases of goods in foreign online stores. PayPal is used for payments during the virtual auction.

The popularity it has received thanks to the high reliability and excellent functionality. The system allows users to be identified, is present as a currency in any online store. Among the shortcomings of the users report the inability to enter personal data, and use restrictions for some countries.

4. «»

This system is not popular in the world, but is firmly in the rating of electronic payment systems in Russia. «» is one of the areas of known resource As electronic money is used only Russian rubles. The completion of the purse is made by Bank transfer. To pay with electronic money can be virtually any online store in Russia.

3. Visa QIWI Wallet

Visa QIWI Wallet

Added to the system is possible in various ways. Most do it through the terminal or through translations. Users have the ability to bind the card to a real or virtual credit card Visa. For login customers Kiwi you can use the terminal or run it via the company website. There is a possibility to install special software on a smartphone.

The popularity of the system deserve at the expense of convenient functionality and the ability to use the card. Among the shortcomings of the emit lack of reliability and its application outside of Russia. The service is young and actively continues its development. Today it can be used on the territory of the CIS. If such growth prospects will continue, experts say that it can become the best in Russia.

2. Webmoney


The system allows you to use a different currency, there’s opportunity to create the right wallets. Deters many beginners a complex system of registration. But this approach provides high security for users engaged in the system of monetary transactions.

Despite all the advantages, Webmoney is not popular abroad. Users noted the inconvenience of exchanging one currency for another. In the ranking of electronic payment systems Webmoney comes in as the most popular service in the CIS.

1. «Yandex.Money»


Considered the most famous in Russia. It has a high rating among users, despite the fact that the main currency is the ruble. This allows customers to pay for goods in overseas shops. But Russian Internet stores make it the first place. The benefits of isolated simple functionality and the ability to replenish the account by transferring money from individuals.

The popularity of electronic systems contributes to the development of fraudulent actions. If the reliability of the company is low, you can easily be left without their savings. Therefore, experts recommend using e-wallets, as a receptacle for storing money.

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