The rating of electronic cigarettes

If you are a heavy smoker and seriously worried about their health, then most likely you have heard about the appearance on the shelves of the country interesting devices. Electronic cigarettes can become a worthy replacement of conventional Smoking – so we are trying to convince marketers. Whether this is your case, is unknown. But one thing is for certain, that have electronic cigarette is much more profitable from an economic point of view, than each time to buy a new pack of the usual cigarettes.

Data electronic devices large selection and decent device is not cheap. So you have not wasted your own finances. We offer to your attention the rating of electronic cigarettes.

Kanger Cubica ONE

Kanger Cubica

This model is different from the counterparts of the original design thanks to the square, your cigarette you will not depart and also device shape is comfortable to hold in hand. Thanks to the original system of interchangeable drives cigarette is always as new. The device is easy to refill in use does not leak. Rechargeable electronic cigarette need a few hours to fully recharge. Weigh less than forty grams, and of unauthorized operation five-speed secure lock.

Kit SX4


The next step for e-cigarettes is utterly primitive – it consists of a battery and clearomizer. This simplicity allows the cigarette to look real worthy of – such a device will emphasize the business image of a successful person. Customers had to pay attention to the clean and light taste.

Esquire Turbo Full

Esquir Turbo Pavni

On the third line of the rating is the device that will allow you to travel. For charging the device does not need to look for a free outlet. Featured in Esquire turbo comes with a mobile charging case.

This unit will be a real gift to fans of clubnet – cigarette will produce much more smoke than counterparts. A powerful steam generator allows to generate a certain amount of smoke without much of Smoking.

Joyetech eCom One

Joyetech ECOM single

Close to the leader the electronic cigarette is a device equipped with a voltage regulator and power. The setup is intuitive – easy movement of the rotary ring is possible to achieve optimal performance. If you are a heavy smoker, feel free to buy this device – capacity battery allows you to use the cigarette throughout the day is quite intense. If charging is not enough, then due to the fact that USB port located on the outer side, can soar during battery power.

Kanger EVOD 2

Kanger evod single

The leader of the rating of electronic cigarettes becomes a machine equipped with already loved by the users of the Kanger EVOD clearomizer and long battery life. The device is suitable for both novice and experienced users.

Disposable refilling clearomizer capacity: 1, 6 ml will be sufficient for moderately intensive use throughout the day. When used correctly, the device will not become clogged nor leaking.

A great show of taste, saturated steam generation, and attractive appearance – all that is needed for heavy smokers. Is that the correct ingredient, without which electronic cigarette and not a cigarette at all. And now we will talk about the best — meet our rating liquids for electronic cigarettes.

How to choose the right fluid to use?

Do not rush to buy cheap liquid – in their manufacture used low quality materials and they are produced in a small Chinese enterprises. In such places usually don’t keep up with technology. So, take care of your health and do not buy low-quality products.


On the creation of this liquid for electronic cigarettes are real professionals. All products undergo a serious quality control. When buying these products, you can be sure that inside contains extremely pure components. You can buy it in online stores and specialized stores.


This liquid is very popular not only in China it is known and loved around the world. In the famous «silver» the range of flavors includes traditional and original bouquets of flowers, collected in a practical and convenient package. The advantage of a convenient and fine nose you will appreciate when you fill your electronic cigarette.

Red Smokers

Particularly popular among Russians enjoy liquid of this particular manufacturer. And I must say, deservedly, more than six dozen different flavors that can satisfy any smoker’s hiding in these packs. An important factor is the fact that Red Smokers made in Russia, but because in the price there are no additional wrapping. If you are not familiar with the products of this company, you can purchase a set of several probes for a very reasonable price.

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