The rating of driving schools of St. Petersburg

To date without a car can not do to anyone. For those who have only is the issue of obtaining the rights to study the ranking of the best driving schools in St. Petersburg just need to be firmly confident that you will learn to drive a car for a reasonable price.

1 Driving school № 3

In the rating of driving schools of St. Petersburg, the palm, undoubtedly, belongs to the Driving school No. 3 all-Russia society of motorists. A cohesive team of professionals builds the whole process of learning (both practical and theoretical lessons) so that students always pass the exams in the traffic police and immediately very confident behave on the road. The school is organized on the highest standards — classes with good equipment, new cars, and the cost was under contract and not a penny more. The examination Commission acts on the territory of a driving school and receive the coveted «crust», you can right the date. And while all 50 hours to practice, practiced in the car and not on the simulators-simulators.


2 Autoguard

Training centers located on Vasilievsky island and in the coastal area, and there are routes to learning. You can get the license category A (motorcycle) and b (car) driving skills in the night, in winter and in emergency situations. Classes are held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Additional fees not needed and the classroom is not reduced.


3 Driving school a Single Standard (PRIVATE-Sertolovo)

Two branches in different places of the Northern capital and one in Sertolovo focus in training to practice here twice the hours of driving (50) – and hence the increased cost of tuition. Wonderful teachers, a huge private Playground to drive and Park vehicles in excellent technical condition – all this will help a great deal with all the exams the first time.


4 Debut

The peculiarity of this school lies in the fact that it was her students are women who need a little more time on learning the basics of traffic rules. In the teaching staff (consisting of both men and women) even have a psychologist who will help to cope with stress on the road. But there are complaints to the instructor, which was subsequently dismissed.


5 Driver

In the four branches of the city offers the standard package of services — category b, individual lessons, training and extreme driving, but the teachers focus on aspects that are not found in the tickets, but can meet in real life. While there are negative reviews, with claims for various reasons, ranging from the rudeness of the front Desk to extra charges.


Driving instruction, of course, starts with the right choice of teaching centre and our rating of driving schools of St. Petersburg, where almost the same prices and lists of services to help you make the best choice.

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