The rating of dog food

Prepared food for dogs is always in demand. First, it is convenient, and secondly, eliminates the risk to harm the animal. The feed market is diverse and huge, to understand the range, choose the right and best food can be difficult. Rating food for dogs will Orient and help you with the selection. The main indicators of selection: meat content, no artificial additives, dyes and questionable products, balance protein, fat and carbohydrates.

10 — Canidae All Life Stages

Canidae All Stages Of Life

Canidae All Life Stages – balanced feed in the top ten. The composition of the meat ingredients (chicken, lamb, Turkey, ocean fish), cereals, minerals and vitamins. The special formula, which has developed a diet that takes into account all the needs of the dog.

9 — Acana Prairie Harvest

ACANA Prairie Harvest

Acana Prairie Harvest — the food of high quality. The main meat ingredients serves chicken, in the diet also contains fish meat. Fresh eggs Supplement source of protein, and the complex berry fruit and useful herbs help to increase calories, which is essential for the maintenance of tone, energetic and moving animals.

Place 8 — Acana Grasslands

Akane Luke

Acana Grasslands is a high protein dog food. Meat based, lamb, duck and walleye. For this brand only use fresh products, frozen and canned are excluded. For diversity and strengthening of useful properties add fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.

7 -Acana Pacifica

ACANA Pacifica

A true fish delicacy food Acana Pacifica joined the top ten and included the rating of dog food. For fish of this brand comes from Canada, this is the fresh product is not subject to freezing. It consists of salmon, flounder, white fish, herring. This diversity is complemented legumes, herbs, fruits and vegetables. In the complex this food well digested gives strength, makes the dog smart and healthy.

6 — Orijen Adult

Orientation Adults

By nature dogs even the smallest breeds are predators. It was considered by producers of feed Orijen Adult. It is recommended for adult dogs. Grains consisting of no meat, the variety is astounding. Fresh meat turkeys and chickens, fish caught in clean waters of Canada, healthy fats and fruit and vegetable Supplement food make this one of the best.

Place 5 — Orijen Senior

Eukanuba Senior

Orijen Senior food is designed with age-appropriate animals. It is ideal for older dogs, special diet based on natural products. In addition to fish, meat turkeys and chickens, by-products included chicken cartilage, chicken heart and Turkey liver. Carbohydrates and grains in the no fats and protein are combined in a balanced way. Aging animals such a diet will be very helpful.

Place 4 — Orijen Puppy Large

ORIJEN Puppy Large

Orijen Puppy Large food is recommended for puppies. For its production using poultry, meat, Turkey, chicken, fish, essential to a young person by-products, fresh eggs, fruits, vegetables and herbs. This set, rich in minerals and vitamins, designed for all breeds and provides an opportunity to raise healthy and vigorous offspring.

Place a 3 — Orijen 6 fresh fish

Orientation 6 fresh fish

Three leaders opens the Orijen 6 fresh fish. The rating of dog food is a great food to replenish deserved. Dogs love this diet, energy, always active and encouraging health. All this is due to the absence in the diet the junk carbs, rich in meat toppings are included in the composition of useful plants, brown algae and cellulose. Excellent selection, useful and nutritious.

The Place Is 2 Evo Red Meat

Innovative Evo Red Meat

Granulated food for dogs Innova Evo Red Meat is a balanced diet of fresh red meat of four kinds. In addition to traditional lamb and beef included venison and Buffalo meat. All the ingredients are natural, the presence of pribiotikov beneficial effect on the microflora of the body.

First place in the rating of dog food Innova Evo Reduced Fat

Innova Evo Reduced Fat

Innova Evo Reduced Fat — one of the best representatives of dry food from the famous line. The leaders of this food by accident, he loved dogs, and, choosing this food for their Pets, dog owners are sure of its quality. Before to be on the shelves, food is at least 50 examinations. For the health and attractiveness of the Pets you should not worry.

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