The rating of digital cameras

It is not easy to choose a camera that suits you and the price and quality of pictures and ease of use. For this and a rating of digital cameras, the results of which will allow you to choose the most suitable of all the offered diversity.

10th place – Sony Alpha SLT-A58 Kit

Sony alpha SLT-A58 cat

A camera with an electronic viewfinder and a CMOS sensor, has a resolution of 20.4 megapixels. Good optics, swivel screen, temperature on the work is not affected. But before the Shoe adapter is needed if you (find difficult), plug missing, and the screen in the sun sometimes glares.

9th place – Nikon D5300 Kit

Nikon D5300 Kit

In this model, a viewfinder, a CMOS sensor has a resolution of 24 and 78 megapixels. From the disadvantages of low – capacity regular battery, Navigator too long looking for a companion. Sometimes you have to adjust the focus.

8th place – Nikon D7100 Kit

Nikon D7100 Kit

Similar to the D5300, but the resolution of 24.71 megapixels. The speed of the autofocus several smallish and very noisy motor. To select the iso, it is necessary to interrupt the photographing process. The output is «heavy» RAW – up to 40 MB.

7th place – Canon PowerShot SX50 HS

Canon PowerShot SX50 HS

Electronic viewfinder if the matrix BSI CMOS (resolution of 12.8 megapixels). A higher place is not allowed to take the lack of sharpness when you reduce light, closing the entrance of the memory card when working on a tripod, and sometimes a failure of focus from subject to subject.

6th place – Nikon D3200 Kit

Nikon D3200 Kit

Mirror viewfinder CMOS sensor and a resolution of 24.7 megapixels. With good color, high definition images and user-friendly interface some dissonance contribute enough battery capacity and weight, which quickly tired hands.

5th place – Canon EOS 6D Body

Canon EOS 6D body

This model Canon closes the five of leaders of our rating of digital cameras with a mirror viewfinder and CMOS sensor from 20.6 megapixels. Some dissatisfaction causes users not swivel screen, missing button, the white balance, matrix quickly accumulates dust.

4th place – Sony Alpha A6000 Kit

Sony Alpha a6000 Kit

Electronic viewfinder swivel screen and a CMOS sensor. Shutter speed, aperture and white balance should be set manually. Voltage regulator either. But you can record HD video.

3rd place – Canon EOS 70D Body

Canon EOS 70d body

In this model, the Canon viewfinder, CMOS sensor (resolution of 20.9 megapixels). Dissatisfaction is overpriced and not combined with it cheap and soiled in appearance plastic. Distortion of colors in the red-brown tones. In addition, the inconvenience delivers weight.

2nd place – Nikon D750 Body

The Name Nikon D750 Body

Mirror viewfinder with swivel screen while the matrix with a resolution of 24.3 Megapixels. Autofocus, adjustable angle, fast CPU. But the small auxiliary screen, the lack of protective glass and a few confusing menu left the decent camera at the second location.

1st place – Nikon Coolpix L820

Nikon Coolpix L820Nikon Coolpix L820 — the first place in the rating of digital cameras

First place in the rating of digital cameras of this camera have been excellent quality at a reasonable price, complement each other software, and optics. Excellent quality macro photography, a good movie functionality, sufficient battery power will become an additional argument in its favor. Of small flaws – the lack of a protective film on the display and the need to manually remove the lens cover.

Together the top ten camera Nikon took five positions, including first. This is a perfect confirmation of his quality.

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