The rating of coffee bean

In the world there are about 500 varieties of coffee. All of them are created from two kinds of coffee trees: Arabica and Robusta. The first is more valuable aromatic and rich taste. In Robusta contains a lot of caffeine, and the yield from it is much higher. Our rating of coffee bean is based on countries — producers of this wonderful drink.

1 Ethiopia

Cava SidamoCoffee Sidamo

Some historians claim that in this country first began to grow coffee. Maybe that’s why the country is the winner of the rating of the coffee beans. The best varieties Sidamo from Ethiopia pronounced flavour, there is crisp acidity, further berry aftertaste.

2 Kenya

Coffee-Kenya AACoffee-Kenya AA

With a deep and dense taste and low acidity. Coffee is known for a fruity flavor, particularly the flavor of black currant, can be a small wine shade. Sold only through auctions, so this coffee may not be cheap. The most famous varieties — Ruiruiru and its variety Kenya AA (grown on the slopes of Kilimanjaro).

3 Costa Rica

Cava TarrazuCoffee Tarrazu

Here at the legislative level is forbidden the cultivation and selling of Robusta, only Arabica. All production processes are environmentally friendly, and roasting beans is done individually, under the ordered quantity. Drink always turns out very dense. Due to a special roasting the taste with a light haze. Gourmets known varieties La Minita, Britt,Tarrazu, and one Porridge – flavorful and rich.

4 Indonesia

Coffee LuwakCoffee Luwak

This coffee is viscous, similar in texture to hot chocolate. The taste is also special — slightly bitter with a slight sourness. A lot of varieties with a hint of spice. And the top aspirations gourmet — coffee Luwak, aroma of chocolate, vanilla and caramel derived from excreta of the animal.

5 Guatemala

Cava GuatemalaCoffee Guatemala

Guatemalan coffee is an incredible flavor with a taste of fruit, dark chocolate and spices. Varieties Coban and Antigua are very soft, they are completely missing the bitterness, but the sweet chocolate flavor enough.

6 Indian

Coffee Bali JrCoffee Bali Jr

This special coffee, tart and soft, slightly sour and spicy flavor. Popular Russian variety Saeco — with a little bitterness, with a pleasant spicy and floral and chocolate tones. The whole world knows Bali Jr — with hints of clove and allspice.

7 Colombia

Coffee Colombia SupremoCoffee Colombia Supremo

The country ranks second in the world in coffee production. Light taste fruit, thick is attenuated taste and exquisite aroma are the main features of this gourmet coffee. Varieties of our country, Manilas, Madeline, Excelso grown in the mountains, at an altitude of over a mile.

8 Brazil

Brazilian coffeeBrazilian coffee

The country is the main producer of coffee worldwide. Experts believe the Brazilian Arabica is quite simple, without any additives and admixtures. Obligatory note — the bitterness, sometimes the aroma can observe the taste of nuts. The most famous varieties: Bahia, Bourbon Santos.

9 Venezuela

Caval venesuelaCoffee Venezuela

Although Venezuela is next to Brazil, the taste will be quite different. This coffee is acidity. It turns out very tender. Popular varieties of Bourbon and Tipica. The last sort of low-yield, and therefore rare and expensive. There is still a Caracas — with a strong aroma.

10 Mexico

Coffee MexicanCoffee Mexican

One of the largest supplier of coffee. For a long time, the country was considered a producer of low-quality drink, so our coffee beans Mexico is in last place. But in recent years the government has tightened the norms of the control and selection of goods.

This lowland Arabica, which grows on volcanic soils. That is the volcanic dust we owe the unforgettable taste of Mexican coffee. Experts note its delicate and slightly tangy taste, rich aroma and pleasant aftertaste.

Popular varieties: Huatusco, Coatepec and Orizaba – for lovers of fine Arabica with a touch of tartness.

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