The rating of children’s mattresses for babies

Take care of the baby’s spine parents should from the moment of its birth, as it is the key to a healthy back adult. Our rating of children’s mattresses for newborns will acquaint you with the most safe and perfectly smooth.

Afalina Lull

The rating of children's mattresses for babiesMattress Afalina Lull

This multi-layered mattress of the domestic manufacturer with 14 years production experience anatomic mattresses. Includes coconut (latexonly natural), polyurethane foam and latex. The mattress includes all the features of the baby’s spine.

Such a bed height of 14 cm will bend only along. All materials are environmentally friendly — there is not even need to use glue and all the layers stitched.

Reversible mattress and the set includes a jacquard cover (100% cotton) that you can use in winter and summer. The only case can not be removed and I’ll need to buy the mattress cover.

Italbaby Jolly Plus

Mattress Italbaby Jolly PlusMattress Italbaby Jolly Plus

Polyurethane foam mattress is hypoallergenic well-known Italian company. Inside ticks do not start, will not trap moisture and dust, and the baby will not sweat.

Newborn necessary rigidity is present in the bed height of 12 cm the Mattress is soft and lightweight, but unilateral and without impregnation.

Ascona Baby Flex Jump

Mattress Askona Baby Flex JumpMattress Askona Baby Flex Jump

Mattress for child’s spine, promotes the formation of correct posture. It has a spring set mini Bonnel, enclosed in a coconut coir from both sides.

Coconut harmoniously distributes the load onto the springs. Therefore, the design feels stiff, but you can keep your back in a perfectly straight position.

Cotton jacquard in a cover impregnated with an antibacterial composition.

Drimlayn Babiha Hard

The Mattress Babiha Hard DRM OnlineA Mattress Of Drim Line Babiha Hard

Inside the mattress hollofayber — does not absorb impurities non-combustible material. For greater rigidity on both sides it is covered with coconut. Lateksirovannye palm fruit to eliminate fall through the bed, and wriggle along the contour of the person. Coarse calico quilted cover removes for washing.

In the sale you can always find the sizes that match toddler bed.

Lapsi Cocolatex Lux

Mattress Lapsi Cocolatex LuxMattress Lapsi Cocolatex Lux

Mattress German manufacturers of premium memory foam. It consists of coconut fibers (coir) and natural latex. Between Kourou and cover there is a layer of cotton wool to improve thermoregulation.

Breathable cover made of polyamide and soft knit is the know-how of manufacturers.

Of the shortcomings — not be suitable for all beds as it has only one size.

Traumeland Snowflake

Mattress Traumeland SnowflakeMattress Traumeland Snowflake

Breathable and lightweight mattress, which elastic foam. Vertical channels in it, provide good ventilation. Special «smart» two-way case is waterproof, but it does not interfere with the movement of air. Therefore, this mattress is hypoallergenic and suitable to debilitated children.

Minus — the price.

Pliteks Junior

Mattress Pliteks JuniorMattress Pliteks Junior

If you want hard coconut mattress for a budget price, then this is exactly what you need. The company is on the market for over 10 years and during that time proved to be excellent.

Multiple layers of coconut, impregnated with latex, provide excellent orthopaedic properties and 100% environmental friendliness. The mattress is bilateral, coarse calico with a removable cover.

IHRA Style Kid-Comfort Suite

Mattress IHRA Style Kid-Comfort SuiteMattress IHRA Style Kid-Comfort Suite

Reversible mattress of the German manufacturer of medium hardness. It is possible to sleep on both sides: on the hard coconut fiber and more soft holofiber. And in the middle is the spring unit.

Height 12 cm, an orthopedic Mattress, but without taking into account the anatomical features.

BabySleep Incanto Cotton

Mattress Baby To Sleep Incanto CottonMattress Baby Sleep Incanto Cotton

Italian mattress that supports restful sleep. This popular model from the series «winter-summer», combining springs, coconut stove and natural latex with aerators. The springs are very tight (256 m2), so there is no wave effect (oscillations and distortions). Height 13 cm

And the cover of the dense jacquard and real sheepskin will not overheat in summer and freeze in winter.


Fairy Hollofayber

Mattress Fairy HollofayberMattress Fairy Hollofayber

The company produces a range of mattresses, from infants to teenagers. This is another mattress from environmentally friendly material, which will not start the fungus, no dents, and odors.

Case is not removed, but the entire mattress is easy to wash and dries quickly. Of course, this is a significant drawback, as washing this bulky thing is not always easy.

As you can see, the rating of children’s mattresses for newborns represented a wide range and price range, so there are plenty to choose.

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