The rating of chess players

Chess is the famous strategy game that develops memory and intelligence. So it is so loved by millions of people around the world.

Our rating of chess players of all time based on many data: the chess Oscar, organizations and FIDE ELO, but emphatically not in the list everyone can agree on. Moreover, not all the great players of the past have a similar rating as the mid-twentieth century was not an objective of the tournaments, which can fully evaluate the strongest. But this does not detract from the merits of those who were not included in this list.

Magnus Carlsen

Magnus CarlsenMagnus Carlsen

The winner of the rating of chess players of all time, the reigning world champion. At the age of 13 he was already a grandmaster, the highest FIDE rating he received at the age of 19, and at 22, became world champion, only 4 months later than Kasparov.

At the moment it has no competitors, it’s a chess genius and the best player in the world. And Carlsen is not a unique strategy, it always saves the skill to find solutions where no one sees and the ability to feel the psychological state rivals.

The unbeatable world champion in blitz, rapid and classic. The world’s highest ELO rating — 2877, 5 years in a row winner of the chess Oscar.

Garry Kasparov

Garry KasparovGarry Kasparov

Another absolute Prodigy who at age 13 became a USSR champion, and at 17 he already had the title of grandmaster. 22 won the world title and held it fifteen years.

Very long as 13 years, had the world’s highest ELO rating – 2851, but now the record is beaten Carlsen.

Viswanathan Anand

Viswanathan AnandViswanathan Anand

6 years held the title many times and was man of the year. Maximum rating of 2817, current — 2779.

Learned the intricacies of chess at age 6 from his mother, and at 14 won the Junior championship. Today, he owns not yet been broken records in different styles of play: in a knockout in the round Robin tournament and points with the candidates. Strongest in rapid chess.

Vladimir Kramnik

Volodymyr KramnikVladimir Kramnik

The maximum ELO rating of 2817, current – 2809. Is the title of the most erudite players of our time, defeated Kasparov and Topalov. Student of the school of Botvinnik, his playing style can be described as persistent and pragmatic.

He was twice the best player of the year.

Anish Giri

Nor Take It InAnish Giri

ELO 2798. Palwinder, half-Russian who now lives in the Netherlands, a graduate of the St. Petersburg chess school.

At the age of 14 and became a grandmaster. He has no world title, but in 2011 Anish Giri managed to win Carlsen. So about this young player we’ll hear.

Robert Fisher

Robert FisherRobert Fisher

The maximum ELO — 2785. The apparent Prodigy who at age 14 became the best chess player in the United States. Then he was the only one who went through undefeated.

At the time Fisher made the revolution — rivals saw him as a Mature artist, for them 14-year-old was a child in elementary thinking. But in 15 years he was international grandmaster, 16 claim to a title and wins 29 years, taking the title from Spassky in Reykjavik.

And after 3 years he refused to confirm the title from Karpov, becoming the only one of its kind. Many professionals argue that Fischer beating Karpov, he would have long remained on top and the whole history of chess would have gone the other way.

At Fisher’s great sports figures of all time tournaments. His unique records — 12:00 in the matches against Taimanov and Larsen, and 20 straight wins over the strongest in the world is not broken until now.

Anatoly Karpov

Anatoly KarpovAnatoly Karpov

The highest rating was 2780, current — 2624. Started playing 4 years, became a grandmaster at 19. Ten years was a champion (twice defended the title the first time he went without a tournament) and still, at 65 years of age takes part in professional tournaments.

Nine times voted the best player of the year. Achievements in the XX century, Karpov won the most tournaments.

Mikhail Botvinnik

Michael BotvinnikMikhail Botvinnik

Learned to play chess at the age of 12 despite the fact that the parents supported their son’s interest and he independently studied books. In 14 years, Michael has had the first category, beating Capablanca.

Was the world champion for 5 years, and restored the title as much as 3 times more than anyone else. Worked on the creation of a chess computer.

Jose Raul Capablanca

Jose Raul CapablancaJose Raul Capablanca

Learned to play 4 years of watching my father play. Wore the nickname «the chess machine», thanks to a brilliant technique. Eight long years, from 1914 to 21, the legendary Cuban was invincible, losing only 4 games out of 126.

Analyzing his gait, you can see that even 100 years ago, Capablanca played at the level of modern grandmasters, despite the fact that he had no access to chess theory, as it is today.

Alexander Alekhine

Alexander AlekhineAlexander Alekhine

In last place in our ranking of chess players of all time, but not among professionals. Alexander with 10 years participated in the tournament. And his first success attained the age of 16, at the national tournament. In 1927 took the title from Capablanca. The only one who went undefeated, due to his sudden death in 1946.

Was a very versatile player, and known for its deep combinations and high endgame technique.

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