The rating of champagne

On the eve of the New year is the time to talk about a great sparkling drink which chime the majority of Russians simply is not. Of course, in no way to detract from the dignity of champagne «Veuve Clicquot» or «Dom Perignon» we won’t, but the review will take products that are affordable for the average Russian citizen. Our rating of champagne will help you to choose the best and let you know what ingredients must be present.

New World

ChampagneChampagne «Novy Svet»

This is a real champagne produced in the Crimea champagne method. First place in our ranking of champagne deservedly given to this brand.

Prince Golitsyn more than half a century ago had a hand in the fact that Russian champagne could compete with the French. These traditions have survived to the present time.

Champagne is made from Pinot Noir, Aligote, Chardonnay, Riesling, according to the classical canons, aged from 9 months to 3 years. All processes are carried out manually. Champagne «Novy Svet», «Pinot franc» and «Crimean Sparkling» long loved by customers for the exquisite taste and rich aroma. And it is cheaper than the French.

ZAO Sparkling wine, Saint-Petersburg

ZATJSC «Sparkling wine» SPb

Russian champagne is produced by the classical technology for more than 80 years. They take raw materials from around the world and from the Crimea including.

The alcohol corresponds to GOST and are made of three common methods, and innovative recipe of continuous fermentation in the stream of his time was sold to the French.

The company produces all 3 kinds of white sparkling wines: Brut, semi-dry and semi-sweet.

Mark «Lev Golitsyn» was created in the memory of a great winemaker. The glory of the Prince was so great that St. Petersburg brand decided to use his name to create a new brand.


Champagne CricovaChampagne Cricova

Moldovan champagne with an optimal ratio the price-quality (from 500 RUB.). All products are produced by the classical method, the drink is aged in oak barrels and stored in cellars.

«Soviet champagne» foam little bubbles in the glass play a long, great aftertaste. And then there is «Nutmeg», «Pink», «de Luxe» — the choice of drinks is quite decent.

Collectible drinks in bottles made of rock crystal.

Zolotaya Balka

Champagne Gold BeamChampagne Gold Beam

Sevastopol company, one of the oldest in the market, which is a significant segment of the market of sparkling wines. All products are produced exclusively from its own grapes, harvested by hand.

At the moment the tastes of consumers have changed — more than half produced is a semi-sweet champagne and the other half is divided between the Brut, semi-dry and dry.

Basic collection carried out by the method of Sharma (350 rubles). Names wouldn’t bother, so the label at once all becomes clear — white or nutmeg.

Premium line Morosanova, aged 6 to 9 months.

Tsimlyansky wine

Tsimlyansky wine

Donskie stepi created this champagne that is produced in the main reservoir method. But there are three marks made on the classic recipe of champagne — «Bouquet of Victory», «Onegin» and «Tsimlyanskoe sparkling».

Today, vineyards occupy more than 1000 hectares to be used under sparkling wine. At the time it was another Russian response to the French.

The main range: a series of «Soviet champagne», this parameter is not less than 6 months and «Tsimlyanskoe gold» with a high content of Muscat.


Champagne Abrau-DyursoChampagne Abrau-Dyurso

The production is located in the Caucasus, on the same latitude as the famous champagne region. Sparkling drink produced in several ways: bottled and in tanks.

The first involves the classics: restraint and insistence of the drink in glass containers— brand «Victor Dravigny» and «Imperial»(600 rubles). But the reservoir method produce a «Russian champagne» and «light», which with a black label (from 500 rubles).


Champagne PhanagoriaChampagne Phanagoria

Taman wine is the same brand name, include the line «quantity of reserves» and «Madame Pompadour». Drinks are easy to drink, quite enjoyable, and at a ridiculous price (200 rubles).

Brut «Madame Pompadour» for fans of dry unaccustomed seems sweet, but the most that has the best reviews, is the secondary fermentation tank and aged in bottles.


Asi Mondoro ChampagneAsi Mondoro Champagne

Asti — the same territory in Piedmont (Italy), which was the name of this fragrant champagne. «Martini Asti» — light and pleasant drink, made only from white Muscat. It has no added sugar, only the natural sweetness of the grapes.

Essentially Asti — sparkling wine with a single stage fermentation, a secondary fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, not in bottles. The only reason it holds the second place in our ranking of champagne.

However, floral-fruity fragrance like all without exception, the fair sex. «Cinzano Martini» and «Mondoro» is a famous and popular line.

The product price starts from 700 rubles.per bottle.


Champagne Bosca AnniversaryChampagne Bosca Anniversary

Cheap sparkling wine Italian manufacturer. The brand 15, but the expanses of Russia are especially popular sweet white, on which is written «drink wine fizzy». The alcohol content in the brand «Anniversary» of 7.5% is due to the fact that sugar replaced with malt. Moderate foaming, no bubbling in the nose of carbon dioxide. Price — from 300 rubles.

More spirits — «Chardonnay», «Red label», «Asti». They are made by classical technology, and the price is accordingly more expensive (from 400 rubles).

There are the premium segment, «Verdi spumante», «Classic», «double Anniversary» and «Moscato».

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